When John Travolta posts a tribute on social media and mentions his “favorite dance partner,” we cannot help but think of Olivia Newton-John, with whom he starred in the famous movie musical “Grease”. While it is clear that Travolta cherishes his time spent dancing with her, it was actually Kelly Preston who held a special place in his heart as she was the actor’s favorite dance companion – even after her tragic passing.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston first crossed paths in 1989, but she was already married to actor Kevin Gage. Although some may call it ‘love at first sight’ for John, the feeling wasn’t mutual yet. However, that didn’t stop him from winning her heart—once her divorce proceedings were finalized they began dating soon after. On New Year’s Eve of that same year, Travolta proposed with a breathtaking six-carat yellow-and-white diamond ring!

On September 5th, 1991, Travolta and Preston wed. Surprising to everyone, Preston was two months pregnant with their firstborn son Jet when they said “I do.” Unfortunately, that child died before reaching his sweet 16th birthday. The couple went on to have another daughter Ella and a second boy Ben who are still alive today!

After a blissful union of 28 years, the couple’s wedding anniversary on September 5th 2019 marked their last. They both shared heartfelt tributes to one another via social media before Preston sadly passed away from her two-year battle with breast cancer, as announced by Travolta. It was an unfortunate end to what had been a beautiful marriage but will remain treasured memories for all those left behind.

Two years after her passing, John Travolta continues to honor his wife’s memory. This Mother’s Day was no different as he posted a heartfelt tribute on social media featuring photos of Preston and wrote, “We love and miss you Kelly. Happy Mother’s Day.”

In honor of what would have been his late wife Preston’s 60th birthday, Travolta has posted a sweet photo on social media. The beaming snapshot captures the couple embracing one another with obvious affection and joy. He shared a thoughtful tribute of memories and stated in the caption: “Happy birthday to my favorite dance partner! We love you and miss you Kelly.”

Travolta’s post accumulated a great deal of attention, with some folks being unaware that Preston was no longer alive and writing messages like “happy birthday,” while others left uplifting words such as, “Kelly and Olivia are watching over you and your family, John.”

Another person said, “Happy birthday in heaven Kelly. big hugs to you John, Ella and Ben.”