In a recent interview with The Guardian, the ever-charming Jodie Foster couldn’t resist poking fun at the younger generation, playfully labeling Gen Z as “really annoying,” particularly when it comes to their work ethic. Foster’s sharp wit and candid humor have made her an icon in the entertainment industry, and she had no qualms about sharing her thoughts on this subject.

Known for her exceptional talent and engaging performances, Jodie Foster found herself at the heart of a playful controversy when she remarked, “They’re really annoying, especially in the workplace.” It’s worth noting that Foster’s comments were delivered in a lighthearted and humorous manner, shedding light on the generation gap in the professional world.

Foster went on to explain her perspective, saying, “They’re like: ‘Nah, I’m not feeling it today, I’m gonna come in at 10.30 am.’ Or in emails, I’ll tell them: ‘This is all grammatically incorrect, did you not check your spelling?’ And they’re like: ‘Why would I do that, isn’t that kind of limiting?'” Her words reflect the evolving attitudes of the younger workforce, who often prioritize flexibility and innovation over traditional norms.

The beloved star of HBO’s upcoming “True Detective: Night Country” is no stranger to Gen Z. She shares her life with two sons in their 20s, a generation deeply immersed in the ever-changing landscape of modern culture. Foster, who is now married to photographer Alexandra Hedison, shared some insightful moments from her parenting journey. She recalled a time when her older son, Charles, was navigating the complexities of masculinity, inspired by his upbringing in a household of strong women.

“And there was a moment with my older one when he was in high school when, because he was raised by two women – three women – it was like he was trying to figure out what it was to be a boy,” she shared. “And he watched television and came to the conclusion, ‘Oh, I just need to be an asshole. I understand! I need to be s****y to women and act like I’m a f–ker…'” Foster passionately emphasized, “And I was like, no! That’s not what it is to be a man! That’s what our culture has been selling you for all this time.”

Despite her playful jab at Gen Z, Foster remains committed to guiding young talents in the industry. She believes they need to learn how to embrace authenticity and find their unique voice, emphasizing that it’s far more enjoyable than succumbing to the pressure of being the protagonist in their own stories. “I can help them find that,” she noted.

Foster’s nurturing spirit extends to young actresses in particular, as she revealed, “I do a lot of reaching out to young actresses. I’m compelled. Because it was hard growing up.” One notable example is her connection with 20-year-old Bella Ramsey, a rising star who recently captivated audiences in “The Last of Us.” Foster even arranged for Ramsey to introduce her at the Elle magazine Women in Hollywood celebration, applauding Ramsey’s authenticity and unique style.

Reflecting on the changing times, Foster acknowledged that she and her generation didn’t have the same freedom to express themselves as today’s youth. She emphasized, “Because we didn’t have freedom. And hopefully that’s what the vector of authenticity that’s happening offers – the possibility of real freedom.” Foster’s journey through Hollywood’s evolution has given her a unique perspective, and she remains an inspiring voice for both her generation and the emerging talents of Gen Z.

In an industry that constantly evolves, Jodie Foster continues to shine as a beacon of wisdom and authenticity, bridging the generational divide with her humor, insights, and unwavering support for the future of entertainment.