For those who are followers of Christ and go by the title of Christian, proof is not necessary for them to stand for their convictions.

However, physical proof in the form of archeological discoveries certainly is an added bonus. Robert Hutchison is a scholar who has spent a lot of time studying the New Testament in Israel.

He included many of the best archeological finds in his book titled “Searching For Jesus.” It is his goal to fight against those who would say that Jesus never existed.

miriam-caiaphas-ossuary-620x237-470x180 His book covers many interesting discoveries, including the 2002 discovery of the tomb of Jesus’ brother James, and the 1990 find of the ossuary of Caiaphas.

While the findings have been deemed historically valid, many remain skeptical. Hutchison said that even though the discoveries go hand in hand with the Biblical text, no one in the media would talk about it, and continue their narrative that Jesus was a “deluded fanatic.” Searching-for-Jesus Even Muslims will say that Jesus was a good man.

However, Jesus, by his own words made it clear that believing that he was a good man was not enough. One must believe that he is the Son of God and Lord. In his own words, “none come to the Father except through me.”

It will be interesting to see how skeptics of this claim react when presented with the archeological evidence detailed in this book that work to confirm truths within the pages of the Bible.