We all do weird things in the name of love but one woman in Australia took it way too far when she let her feelings of jealousy and rage take over. 31-year-old Daria Shavelkina was taken into custody after she dropped her neighbor’s baby out of the window of a high rise apartment leaving the infant to plummet to her death 130 feet below. Reports indicate the woman had been jealous of the fact that her neighbor, Yaroslava Korolyova, has 3 kids and she had none. The two had become friendly in recent years and this is what led to her trusting Daria to be around her kids. A bit later, Daria became pregnant and YK agreed to let her have some of the old baby clothes she no longer needed. So she came over one day to pick up some of the clothes and when her back was turned, she lifted the two-month-old baby off the floor, held her out the window, and let go. Paramedics got there just as soon as they could but, alas, it was too late.

Shortly after the incident, Daria was arrested and taken to the precinct for processing. Upon being brought in, she tried to claim that voices in her head told her to do it but the court thinks she was just making that up as a way to get off scot-free. Just to be sure, they took her to a clinic for a psych eval but did not find any evidence of her having any type of mental illness. She was detained at the Serbsky center just to be sure but it soon became clear that she is of sound mind. Many of the experts have said that she’s just faking this disease. Investigators were quick to determine that she did it out of jealousy & her trial proceeded as scheduled. In the end, she was convicted of murdering a child and received a 17-year prison sentence. She did also give birth to her child while she was in prison but it is not yet clear what will become of the child. Authorities say the pair had not fought at all prior to the incident.

After it occurred, the mother ran down to the street to try and save her baby but there was nothing she could do at that point. The baby was pronounced dead by the time she hit the ground. The killing has left her in a state of deep shock and she has had a hard time coping as of late. She still has two other children but has found the shock and grief to be overwhelming for her and seems to be in need of counseling. It is not clear why she committed this heinous crime despite being pregnant but it’s possible she may still have felt inferior due to the number of kids YK had. It’s also quite possible she may have been jealous of all the success she had in her life. This could include having a husband and doing well in her place of business. In any case, the people of Moscow can sleep soundly tonight knowing there is one less sociopath on the streets. She is not expected to be released until at least winter 2038.