In a scathing video that has taken the internet by storm, a frustrated Canadian father has exposed the shocking price hikes at Disneyland, dubbing it a “money-grabbing machine.” Mario Zelaya and his family recently embarked on what should have been a magical adventure to Disneyland Paris, only to be met with a staggering bill of nearly $1,200 for tickets alone.

Zelaya’s impassioned video, which has garnered over 240,000 views on TikTok, has ignited a wave of outrage among families who feel they are being squeezed dry by the ever-increasing costs of a Disney experience. The beloved “Happiest Place on Earth” now seems to be leaving more people fuming than smiling.

“Just the tickets alone, that’s 1,100 euros, for Americans, that’s 1,200 bucks, for Canadians, that’s 1,600 dollars,” Zelaya exclaimed, shaking his head in disbelief as he revealed the jaw-dropping receipt. In a world where family vacations should create cherished memories, the question that arises is, “Why the hell would I do that?”

Zelaya initially purchased the standard $120 per-person ticket, but the long lines and lengthy wait times quickly prompted him to shell out an additional $173 per person for premier passes, which grant access to the fast lane for each ride. The situation was so dire that he declared, “It’s crazy how overflowing Disney is. It doesn’t matter if it’s in Paris, Orlando, or California, it’s like this all the time.”

The frustration continued to mount as Zelaya showcased a video of a seemingly “crappy ride” with a staggering wait time of one hour and fifteen minutes for those without the premier pass. “I made a huge mistake; I went to Disneyland in Paris. I’m almost embarrassed at how much money I spent,” he confessed.

For those who decided against upgrading to the premier passes, Zelaya estimated they would have endured “over 25 hours” of waiting in line just to experience the park’s various attractions. The seemingly endless crowds, exorbitant prices, and excruciating wait times led him to offer a solemn piece of advice: “Don’t go to Disney.”

With a hint of cynicism, Zelaya crowned Disney as the “biggest money printing machine on Earth,” a sentiment shared by many who have felt the pinch of its relentless price hikes. Over the past 50 years, ticket prices at Disney parks have soared by an astronomical 3,871%, a fact that leaves families pondering if the magical experience is still within their reach.

Zelaya’s video sparked an outpouring of comments from disgruntled Disney-goers who shared their own tales of woe. One user bemoaned, “Such a rip-off now. I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction of my money.” Another chimed in, “So true, waiting an entire two hours for a lame five-minute ride.”

The sentiment was unanimous, as a customer wrote in agreement, “Yeah, I never understood the hype!” Others pointed out the exorbitant cost of the food and branded the entire Disney experience as a “scam.”

In an attempt to quell the growing discontent among visitors, Disney CEO Bob Iger rolled back some of the price hikes installed by his predecessor, Bob Chapek. However, demand has continued to wane, and attendance at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California, has suffered as prices remain stubbornly high.

As the anger of visitors and families like Mario Zelaya continues to bubble, Disney finds itself at a crossroads. Will it continue to be seen as a magical wonderland accessible to all, or will it become a symbol of corporate greed and exclusivity? Only time will tell if the house of mouse can restore its reputation as the “Happiest Place on Earth.”

@supermariozelaya Here’s the Disney rules: 1) Expect crazy long wait times 2) if you dont want to wait in line, expect a huge bill to upgrade to a Premier Pass. 3) if you decide to wait in line instead because the Premier pass doesnt cover ALL the rides, expect a huge bill regardless 😭 #disney #disneylandparis #paris #longlineup #expensive ♬ original sound – Mario Zelaya