Every mommy desires what they think is best for their kids. When they get ill, mommies are the ones who stress the most. Alex Dempsey went to pick up her boy Killy from Daycare since her 4-month old child had a high temperature. She believed that it was simply the flu or a stomach virus so she allowed him to nap and relax for some time. Little did she know that her son was starting to have symptoms of a disease that would put his life in danger.

After Alex brought her youngster back home, Killy began to develop some severe rash and her concern grew. His fever did not respond to Tylenol and she sould see he was getting worse and worse. She immediately hurried him to the healthcare facility where Killy was diagnosed with meningitis.

Meningitis is an infection that can be serious for babies and adults, it can be protected against with a simple injection. The doctors made Alex comprehend that the infection really did not just appear on its own. There was a record that one more individual from the exact same day care center dealt with the exact same infection but the contaminated person was not vaccinated for meningitis. Meningitis outcomes can be fatal because it directly influences the brain.

It can infect the membrane layers that are covering the brain as well as the spine and this infection can be found in various different types. Meningitis symptoms include high temperature, queasiness and vomiting, rigid neck, muscle mass discomforts, and also rashes.

The signs may start to appear from one to 4 days after exposure making the medical diagnosis extra harmful because of late discovery which decreases the possibilities of survival. The viral type of infection is the least frightening however it is not the very same for the microbial infection that Killy captured from the unvaccinated individual.

According to the CDC, it is advised that all children need to be offered a meningitis vaccination when they are in between 11 and also 12 years old, and another ‘booster’ when they are 16 years of ages.

An unvaccinated adult can bring the bacterial infection in their throats or sinuses and also there may be no visible signs they are infected. Killy was very young and this is the reason his body immune system was not sufficient to fight off this life-threatening infection. Sadly, this baby passed away as a result of the infection in much less than 24-hour after he was brought to the health center. Killy’s mommy shared her thoughts with WTVR stating:

The moment they said meningitis I knew there was a really strong possibility that we were going to lose him He was only four months old he didnt really have an immune system to help us with that.

Alex cleared up that the doctors as well as health and wellness officials validated that they have actually been tracking this problem down and also according to their theories, an unvaccinated individual was carrying the germs around as well as Killy was unlucky enough to come in contact with this person. Alex desires people to be conscious that inoculations can prevent incidents such as this. She knew that because he was just a baby, he truly didn’t have much of a chance to survive.

Losing a youngster is heartbreaking especially when you understand that as a moms and dads, you did every little thing on you could to ensure that your baby is risk-free from any type of injuries and dangers. Alex stresses out exactly how essential vaccination is. Killy was too young to manage the infection and also there was absolutely nothing that can be done to extend his life.

As the family mourns the fatality of Killy, everyone is hoping that the family members have the ability to get through the discomfort and also despair of losing this baby.