When it comes to pizza, there will always be disagreement about the perfect topping. No matter how many pineapples you add, some people still won’t accept it as an American classic! However, a new ingredient is now appearing on pizzas in the US – and one glimpse at these photos might make your stomach turn!

It seems like Halloween has brought with it a new, revolting trend in food: candy corn pizza. @Therealasswolf sparked the sweet and savory sensation when they tweeted out “Tis the season, my dudes” accompanied by photos of their ill-conceived creation. To our horror (and delight), this bizarre combination has taken social media by storm – being shared thousands of times since its inception! A sensational image of a pizza topped with an abundance of candy corn and freshly baked to perfection has gone viral on the internet, causing quite a stir!

Individuals everywhere used Twitter to vocally oppose candy corn pizza. Even DiGiorno, the frozen pizza brand, expressed their disapproval of such a combination with one simple tweet: “Tis the no.”

Even though the majority of people think that candy corn pizza should remain a mystery, some businesses have decided to take on this daring culinary project. One in particular, Chuck E Cheese, has crafted its own version of candy corn pizza – minus any actual candy corn! Their pizzas are created with special techniques so each slice looks like an individual piece of candy corn but tastes nothing like it! Who would’ve thought you could actually make something delicious out of such an unpopular treat?

Chuck E. Cheese took their pizza to a new level with their candy corn creation! Instead of the traditional plastic taste, they layered different colored cheeses on top of the white gravy base – garlic mozzarella cheese in the center and an orange cheddar cheese ring around its circumference-to give each slice that classic look without compromising flavor. This tasty treat is sure to be one you won’t want to miss out on!

In some areas of Arizona, Utah and Idaho, Pizza Pie Café has adopted a unique spin on dessert pizzas – one that includes candy corn! It’s an unlikely combination for sure; however, it is slightly more appetizing than the individual who simply put candy corn atop their DiGiorno frozen pizza.

Celebrate Halloween with the Pizza Pie Café’s festive candy corn pizza! Enjoy a sugar cookie crust topped with cream cheese frosting and an abundance of delicious candy corn. Satisfy your sweet tooth while delighting in spooktacular treats from this delightful dessert pizza.

Regardless of whether you prefer candy corn or not, there’s no reason to miss out on this new Halloween pizza trend. Give it a try and discover just how delicious it can be! You might even find yourself pleasantly surprised.

What do you say? Dare to take the plunge and try out candy corn pizza?