Breanna Strong, a 27-year-old mother from Salt Lake City, Utah was astounded when not one other child attended her 3-year-old daughter’s birthday party. She had given parents plenty of advanced notice and even personally delivered invitations but none felt compelled to come to celebrate the important day with them – leaving Strong’s family feeling incredibly disappointed on their special occasion.

The strong felt brunt of the “careless” parents she invited to the party, as they simply failed to show up without an explanation. Not even a message was received by her mother or daughter letting them know why they wouldn’t attend – leaving Strong and her child feeling neglected and hurt.

Breanna Strong, mother of three and a prominent figure on the social media platform TikTok, posted an emotional video about her daughter Avery’s third birthday. Despite twenty-seven guests having RSVP’d to attend with a “Yes,” no one showed up – leaving Breanna heartbroken and devastated.

Strong reported that her daughter was “completely devastated” after not one person showed up to the party. She had no choice but to eat cake and pizza alone, unable to share in any of the fun activities with peers she had been looking forward too.

“I created my own invitation and sent it to multiple friends, with responses of, ‘We will be there,’ ‘Can’t wait, the kids will be so excited,’ etc.,” she said. “I even created a Facebook event. I invited 13 different families, with 27 children amongst them all. The day before her birthday party there were seven families who had RSVP’d saying they were coming. I was accounting for 13 kids to come.”

Despite Strong’s meticulous efforts in ensuring people would attend her daughter Avery’s third birthday celebration, no one showed up on the day of. To both mother and child, this was a crushing disappointment; money had been spent to make it possible and three-year-old Avery awaited an exciting time with friends she knew or hadn’t met yet.

On the morning of the party, three families changed their RSVP to “not going”. Nevertheless, Strong dressed Avery in her best and drove her to Kidstopia. When she arrived to find no one there, she texted the parents who had RSVPed “yes.”

“Fifteen more minutes passed and I knew they weren’t coming,” the mom said. “I was completely devastated watching my daughter sit alone while eating her pizza. We didn’t even cut her cake. It broke my heart.”

Thankfully, Avery’s three-year-old self had a blast!

“I know my daughter didn’t know the difference,” she said. “She still got everything she wanted.”

Even though no one showed up to her daughter’s party, Strong still had to meet the full cost. Luckily, Kidstopia was compassionate towards her plight and allowed her to pay for only the most basic package of $200 rather than the more extravagant option that she originally reserved.

“It was very careless of the parents who were invited. I sent texts, posted about the event on Facebook several times, and even made a post on Instagram about how excited Avery was about her party tomorrow. It’s a lot of time, effort, and money to set up special events for anything. RSVPs are not what they use to be. I also feel like parties have unfortunately died out during COVID. I’m still disappointed in what happened but I know there is always next year.”