When we look back on the not-so-bright things we’ve done in the past, our only response is to chuckle at how thoughtless we were at that time. When we make errors, we should regard them as a chance to learn and improve. However, if you repeat it over and over, you have a problem.

The only thing worse than tripping over your own feet and becoming a victim of your own stupidity is being the target of police persecution. And the last thing you should attempt is to embarrass cops.

This New Yorker, on the other hand, was cocky in his talents for deception. He was the victim of a clever prank!

Valiery Portluck, a resident of Hicksville, New York, was out one day dressed as a police officer. He armed his car with lights similar to those seen on police vehicles. Then he honked his air horn in an attempt to get the attention of the white van in front of him. They identified themselves to the ‘officer

Valiery was astounded to discover that he had stopped the wrong vehicle, which made him dejected. There were genuine detectives in the van, to his surprise!

The Nassau County Police Department was overjoyed when they discovered him. They were, in fact, hunting for Valiery at the time.

However, the North Carolina Police Department was notified of an individual operating a black vehicle while impersonating a police officer. Furthermore, it appeared as if the mouse had inadvertently walked into his own trap.

According to reports, Valiery attempted to flee the scene. The driver accelerated and swerved his vehicle in the opposite direction, unhesitatingly putting other road users’ lives at risk. Film car chases weren’t nearly as real as they were in real life. They alerted authorities, who were on high alert for a possible impersonating police officer at the time.

On the Long Island Expressway, Valiery was arrested and taken into custody by the cops. His behavior resulted in charges of criminal impersonation, reckless endangerment, and fleeing a police officer unlawfully in the first degree being filed against him. He was also charged with driving while intoxicated and other crimes.

In the past, Valiery’s neighbors have recognized him. They were well aware of his poor reputation. He was frequently occupied with his automobile. According to reports, his blue and red dazzling lights on his automobile took him several days to perfect. They are just relieved that he has been caught up in this instance.

However, his plan was a failure. He instead received a sentence of imprisonment.

It’s not the first time someone has tried to dress up as a police officer and scare people. It isn’t the first time that individuals have attempted to pull over a vehicle posing as cops, only to find out it was an actual cop behind the wheel.