In recent years there have been images and videos of police misconduct being caught on film. When individuals see this misconduct, especially African-Americans, because this is usually happening, there’s usually a massive uproar within the community and in the liberal media. The uproar is automatically centered around racism within the United States police departments. It is also usually centered around racism because a white cop usually kills an African American, like Walter Scott and George Floyd. It seems that the media plays on the emotions of African-Americans by using the race card and certain politicians do the same as well. As an African American male, the killing of both Walter Scott and George Floyd was unfair in my eyes. However, I see The Case of Walter Scott as more unjust because he told the officer I cannot breathe and they should have rendered him aid. Also, all he was doing was selling cigarettes illegally.

In the case of George Floyd, who they have uplifted, he seemed to be a lifelong criminal, which may have put the officer on edge. Knowing this history also could have made the officer more aggressive because Mr. Floyd is a big man. This does not excuse that the officer used excessive force and unfortunately murdered George Floyd. Because of incidents like these, you have politicians such as Ilhan Omar saying things such as defund the police or decrease spending on the defense fund. These politicians must be speaking about defunding the defense fund in the suburban or wealthy areas where the crime is naturally low. If these politicians were an African-American males like myself and know how to live in the urban or underprivileged community, unfortunately, they would not be speaking such nonsense. There are more African Americans murdering African Americans than police officers, so defunding or decreasing the defense fund will cause urban or underprivileged communities across America to become worse than a war zone in Afghanistan.

So, all in all, if you decreased the funding for police officers in these communities, this would be a real injustice. Individuals who don’t live in these communities have no idea of the dangers that African Americans trying to build and better themselves would be put in if police were not around to serve and protect.