Dads take their kids’ phones away all the time but they never think that it will lead to them going to jail. But that’s exactly what happened to 45-year-old Ronald Jackson when he confiscated his daughter’s phone. Reports indicate his daughter, 15-year-old Skylar, was texting mean things to her stepsister which is exactly why he felt the need to intervene. But after he did, Skylar’s mom decided to press charges against him which led to him sitting in the back seat of a squad car.

He was charged with theft of property but now he’s speaking out to tell the world that he does not think what happened to him was fair. In a statement, he said that the local PD should not be interfering with his attempts to parent his own daughter. He later appeared in court where his own daughter took the stand in an effort to testify against him but he was eventually acquitted of all charges. After the verdict, he said that it’s a big weight off his shoulders & is glad that justice was served.

Throughout the entire ordeal, he never surrendered the phone as he believed it gave him power in the situation. And though he was acquitted, his daughter has since said she wants nothing to do with him & asked for emancipation. Some of the viewers said that the mom was to blame for this & noted that she is despicable. Many others seemed to agree with him.