Stumping the internet hasn’t gotten any easier in recent years. Puzzles that appear to stump everyone on the internet crop up all the time. Despite the general confusion, however, it’s still simple to think “Pssh, I can figure this out no problem.” That’s right. We somehow believe that we are smarter than the great bulk of humanity

The fact is that some of these riddles are difficult. And here’s another one. That, too, is extremely challenging. Take a look for yourself to see if it’s true.

This perplexing conundrum has baffled the internet, despite the fact that the idea is straightforward: figure out how many squares are in the image.

It should be simple, right? Not exactly. According to an image that has been circulating the web, 92 percent of individuals fail to solve the puzzle correctly in this photograph. There are a lot of solutions on the internet, but people just can’t seem to reach a consensus.

However, there is only one correct solution, and you may be shocked at what it is. The problem here is that there are far more squares than appear to be. Even if you count all of the corner squares and the enormous surrounding square, you might not have gotten them all. Count yourself a try;)

We’ll help you out if you’re still stuck. The correct response to the problem is 40 squares, as we previously mentioned. That’s correct: it isn’t 8, 16, 24, 28, or 30, and we’ll explain why. The image is constructed of eight tiny squares (18 single squares), nine 2 x 2 boxes (four

Still unsure where these alleged squares may be found? The image below breaks it down for you so you can see where each square is located in the picture.

How many of the squares did you miss? I had a hard time with those in the middle. There may be a mathematical equation to solve this, but just by looking and counting, you might be one of the few who can do it correctly.