People are keen to check out the cleanliness of a place where they are about to eat food. They check on the neatness, friendliness and the general hygiene of the workers. People used to joke saying waitress and waiters should be treated kindly to avoid them spitting on the food. The joke was real recently when three teens decided to spit on police offers food in a restaurant. The police officers had their dinner in Highway 55 restaurant in Florida. The teenagers were employed in the restaurant and decided to do the unthinkable. It seems the teens had a grudge on the police officers, but the police did not suspect.

People get disgusted when they hear they have eaten other peoples spit. As the police officers were waiting to be served food, the teens were taking turns in spitting in the food before presenting it to the unsuspecting officers. They served the food then stood back giggling, punching each other arms and snickering. The police officers ate their food as normal without suspecting evil actions.
One of the workers in the restaurants was watching what the teens were doing, and he was not in agreement. He decided to report the matter to the owner of the restaurant.

The owner did not believe it. It is an act that can be done to someone whom you ate. He decided to look for further proof, and the restaurant made it clear the act was real. A quick check on the surveillance camera revealed everything.
The owner decided to fire the three teenagers from their jobs after watching the footage. The act was reported to the local authorities in Florida, and the teenagers were arrested. Different officers were tasked to arrest the teenagers. The charges brought against them were food tampering and battery against the two officers. In the state of Florida, tampering with food is a felony. The battery charges are considered minor offences.

The three teens were placed under the Department of Juvenile Justice. Neither of the youths had prior involvement with the law; hence it is not clear the type of reprimand they will get. From speculations, it is believed they will receive minor fines. Neither of the two police officers received medical attention. It is an act that will make the police officers fear eating at restaurants. Most of them can start carrying their packed foods when they know they will spend time out for long. It is against the training of food handling officers to tamper with food. The action of the youths was uncalled for. The other staff who reported them was against it. The restaurant owner was as well disgusted, and he decided to report them to the authorities.

The Okeechobee city police consider the action of the teens to be a conspiracy to poison. The youths had no concrete reason to carry out their deeds. The fact that the police officers were risking their lives to make the streets safe did not make it right for them to hurt them. It was wrong for the teenagers to revenge to police officers who had done nothing to them. The act of spitting on food then letting unsuspecting officers eat disgusting. It is unfair to subject innocent officers to such treatments considering they had not wronged the youths.