Teachers are truly amazing individuals. While at work, they may be more than simply a teacher; they become the student’s second parent. Some of them go above and beyond after school to help their students. During class hours, teachers make continuous efforts to keep an eye on what’s going on in the classroom. They don’t want a noisy classroom, as it would be distracting for others around them.

However, this instructor was able to save her pupils’ lives after a terrifying experience.

For the past 14 years, Niece Jeannot Jenkins of New Jersey has been instructing. Jenkins, like other instructors, has undoubtedly impacted numerous pupils’ lives. She literally saved one of her students earlier this month!

When one of the pupils in a third-grade math class at East Orange Community Charter School found himself in a potentially hazardous circumstance, things were going smoothly.

Robert Stonaker, a 9-year-old boy from Indiana, was attempting to remove the lid from his water bottle. Robert’s attempts to open the cap with his hands had failed, so he tried using his teeth instead. This is when everything went wrong.

Jenkins told Fox News, “When he tried his teeth… he squeezed [the water bottle] and then the cap went down his throat. So he panicked, he tried to go to the sink and spit it out and then he ran over to me and I just went into action. I just went on and just said, ‘OK, he needs my help, let me help him.’ And I went right into action based off my training. ”

Jenkins was fortunate to have just completed a combined CPR and first-aid course, but she had no idea that it would be required so soon.

The student claims that when he pressed the bottle, the increased pressure of the water forced the plastic down his throat. “I went to the top and then I squeezed it, and then the water pushed on the bottle and squirted out my mouth. And I started pointing at my neck…and she noticed that I couldn’t talk because if I could speak, I would have said so,” he continued. “I wouldn’t point to my throat. ”

The video of the event has since been made public to commend Jenkins for her quick thinking and actions, as it was filmed.

The fearful boy runs to the back of the classroom and tries the sink, then runs up to Jenkins and signals what was happening. As soon as the teacher realized that he was choking, she began performing the Heimlich maneuver on him.

Fortunately, the bottle cap escaped his mouth and landed on the floor after three attempts. However, her real anxiety emerges later, when she gently cradles his head in her hands. She then takes a tissue to dry his face while maintaining a grip on his shoulder. Even though the boy had already recovered from the situation, he was taken to the nurse by her mother.

When she saw the viral video later, she understood how problematic the situation was only after being prompted. She stated, “Afterwards, I saw the video and then I was like, ‘Oh, this really happened.’ And I got all emotional.”