A young brother is being hailed as a hero to his younger sister who was nearly attacked by a loose German Shepherd. Seeing the danger his younger sister faced, seven year old, Bridger Walker of Cheyenne, Wyoming rushed to her side and was instead attacked by the dog himself.

Bridger Walker sustained a significant injury, mostly to his face, before more help arrived and the dog was chased off. Instead of his younger sister, Nicole being harmed, Bridger was rushed to the hospital on account of significant injuries and immediately taken into surgery. Over ninety stitches were needed, but Bridger pulled out of the ordeal intact and speaking out about the incident. Bridger sees his role in the dog attack as a necessary step in protecting his sister, no questions asked. When asked if he regretted jumping in, Bridger replied that he would not change a thing despite his injuries because had he not acted it would be his sister hurt now. The young made it clear that he saw his role as protector to his sister in no uncertain terms something to be shirked.

The family spoke up about the dog attack following Bridger’s time in hospital, both because they are grateful that both their children are still with them as well as to bring attention to their son’s injuries. The dog bites caused significant damage to the young child’s face, damage that would require multiple surgeries to correct from only the best plastic surgeons in the country. In their small community of Cheyenne, Wyoming, the family was not sure they would be able to get their son the surgery needed, nor that it could even be done. As soon as their posts about the entire incident went viral, the internet stepped in and the family was connected to a plastic surgeon in New York who was impressed by the young boy’s heroic behavior and offered to help.

Dr. Dhaval Bhanusali, one of New York City’s most prestigious dermatologists, heard about the story and the injuries the boy sustained over the left side of his face. Left untreated these injuries would not only lead to massive scarring but could affect his quality of life over time. Bhanusali flew the entire family to New York City so that he could get a better look at the injuries for himself and develop a treatment plan of action.

Constructive treatments were taking place when the COVID pandemic hit and travel became nearly impossible. While there was still work and post operative care that needed to be done, Bridger and his family were worried that they would run out of time to receive the necessary care before too much healing took place. A decision was made by the entire care team and family to have followed treatment and procedures provided by another doctor that the family could easily reach via road trips instead of flying. This new doctor is located in Utah. Bridger and his family are every day impressed by and thankful for the outpouring of support and assistance they have received, and even though Bridger doesn’t think of himself as a hero, he truly is.