The in-depth passion Erin Nicole has for arts has molded her career into some significant heights. The well-known makeup artist attended the University of Toronto for Fine Arts and History. Later on, she majored in the makeup industry and graduated with supreme honors at the Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Erin Nicole deeply embraced the warm beach lifestyle of putting on sandals and eloquent sundresses. She landed into a position for two seasons at Tampa, as a Tampa Bay Lightning girl, before relocating to another state, Lafayette, Louisiana, after getting her first job as a news reporter.

With her powerful sense of adventure, Erin Nicole enjoyed every minute by exploring the state’s culture, which involved creole cooking and the cajun lifestyle. Few years passed, and she moved to New Orleans, the region where she believed it left a significant mark on her life. The environment of the “big city” fascinated her to the grim. It consisted of exciting personalities; a pool of artists, musicians, storytellers, psychics, and chefs, only to mention a few.

She was a news anchor for WGNO, which is a local ABC affiliate. In June 2015, Erin Nicole got convinced to try out Nashville, Tennessee. The new geographical region left memorable moments in her career. With fate working things out, she got a perfect position as a Counter Manager with Chanel Beauty. The self-taught makeup artist embraced the golden opportunity to leverage her skills.

At Chanel Beauty, she received broad training from professionals on the makeup field, using top beauty products. Erin Nicole mixes her beauty enthusiasm with fashion and feeds her clients with critical content to meet their needs. Her content management skills are superficial and have a higher demand on the Internet.

The 33-year old artist, who looks hugely younger in her photos to be in the thirties, is a married woman and has one daughter. Most individuals enjoy her magical works and outcomes, therefore, explaining the massive number of followers she has on her Instagram profile. Erin Nicole is currently based in Miami, Florida, and works as a freelance makeup artist with Chanel.

She has other various accounts online, including a Youtube channel, where she posts multiple videos related to her passion field. Erin Nicole empowers many individuals, with her creative and factual content, to feel excellent about themselves. Her body physique is stunning, and she often does several photoshoots as a model.

With her extensive experience as a professional makeup artist, she spans her interactions around individual and clientele beauties. β€œI love the intimate interaction between artist and client. An individual’s face is his/her most amazing and unique feature. It should be celebrated and cherished.”