Last December, a horrific incident occurred in Ohio that left the community deeply disturbed. Ky’air Thomas and his brother Kason were discovered safe after being reported missing just days prior. It was later uncovered that Nalah Jackson had stolen their car which caused an uproar of search efforts until the boys mercifully reappeared.

Thanks to the quick action of the Columbus Division of Police, Ky’air was located at Dayton International Airport and Jackson was taken into custody. Sadly, Kason remained unaccounted for during this time.

After a few days of searching, the stolen Honda Accord with Kason inside was eventually discovered abandoned near a Papa John’s in Indianapolis. To everyone’s joy and relief, Kason was safe when found in the car – especially for his mother who had been franticly praying for her son’s safety during this ordeal. This reunion marked an auspicious moment not only for the family but also for all members of their community alike.

The entire experience had been an emotionally draining one for the family, and they were elated to have their sons back in their embrace.

Unfortunately, Ky’air’s joy was fleeting as he was declared deceased a few weeks after visiting Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Although the precise reason for his death has yet to be made public, this tragedy has once again rocked the community. The passing of an innocent child is always heartbreaking and in this case, it only serves to compound the anguish already felt by Ky’air’s family.

Jackson’s December arrest incited nationwide interest, resulting in the Southern District of Ohio bringing two counts of kidnapping a minor against her after an indictment earlier this month. As local authorities initially charged Jackson with two kidnapping charges following her initial detainment.

Jackson has yet to enter a plea in her federal case, and it is unclear if she has done so for the state charges.

What further shocked spectators was that it took the efforts of two courageous women, Shyann Belmar, and Mecka Curry, to apprehend Jackson. The pair had provided her with a ride just days before on December 20th – but after seeing her photo connected to the kidnapping incident on Facebook subsequently made by law enforcement officials, Belmar quickly recognized Jackson and alerted her cousin, Curry.

After the two women identified Jackson, they drove her around to various stores. Then, once they determined his exact whereabouts and informed law enforcement, Kason was apprehended. After this exciting ordeal was finally over, both women decided to treat themselves by going out for a bite – only to spot the Honda containing Kason in their travels!

Ultimately, the community has been rocked with horror and sorrow over Ky’air Thomas’s unfortunate incident and subsequent death. While this tragedy has inflicted immense pain on Ky’air’s family, Shyann Belmar, and Mecka Curry have demonstrated incredible bravery which resulted in Kason being rescued from Jackson’s grasp. It is now up to the justice system to ensure that no further harm comes from this ordeal.

As the upcoming court date draws near, more facts will come to light and justice can finally be served.