In a startling incident aboard a South Korean flight, a passenger took it upon themselves to open the emergency exit door while the plane was still in the air. The flight, which was en route to the southeastern city of Daegu from the southern island of Jeju, experienced a moment of chaos and panic as a result.

The Asiana Airlines Airbus A321 was preparing to land in Daegu when the passenger, at an altitude of approximately 700 feet, pulled the emergency exit handle, causing the door to partially open. The sudden rush of air sent a wave of fear throughout the cabin, with passengers gripping their armrests in terror.

Among the 194 passengers on board were several teenage athletes who were on their way to a sporting event in Ulsan. The presence of these young athletes only added to the distressing nature of the situation.

Authorities reported that at least a dozen individuals suffered minor injuries during the harrowing incident, experiencing symptoms of breathing difficulties. Prompt medical attention was provided to these passengers, and they were transported to a local hospital for further assessment and treatment.

Eyewitnesses shared their accounts of the chaotic scene, with people near the exit appearing to faint one after another, while flight attendants desperately sought assistance from doctors on board via the broadcasting system. The fear and panic were palpable, leaving a lasting impact on everyone present.

Law enforcement took swift action and detained the individual responsible for opening the door. Although the person’s identity remains undisclosed, they were apprehended upon the plane’s arrival at Daegu International Airport. The motives behind this alarming act have yet to be determined, as the passenger provided no explanation for their actions.

Furthermore, reports emerged suggesting that the unruly passenger even made an attempt to jump out of the aircraft, further emphasizing the urgency of the situation. Authorities expressed the challenges faced in communicating with the individual, describing their behavior as abnormal. An investigation into the incident and the individual’s motives will be conducted, ensuring appropriate measures are taken.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas, commenting on the incident, deemed it “very bizarre.” He explained that opening the emergency exit doors in-flight is technically impossible due to the pressure and force exerted by the airstream outside the aircraft. Nonetheless, against all odds, this unprecedented event unfolded, leaving experts puzzled and prompting further scrutiny into the maintenance protocols of the aircraft.

The Land, Infrastructure, and Transport Ministry will be dispatching an aviation safety official to thoroughly examine the plane’s maintenance records and assess whether any abnormalities were present. The safety and well-being of passengers remain a top priority, and every effort will be made to prevent such incidents in the future.

This incident serves as a stark reminder of the unexpected challenges that can arise during air travel and the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols. As investigations continue, authorities will work diligently to ensure the security and peace of mind of all passengers who put their trust in the airline industry.