Walking into any area of water often means that you are going for a sim or that you are going to splash with family and friends. One man started to enter the water, and after a few seconds, he felt something tug on his leg.

When he looks down to see what could be pulling on him, he is in complete shock. Most of the dangerous animals tend to stay farther out in the water. There are a few mammals that will try to swim near the coast to see what is happening with humans who are swimming in the water. An otter is one that swam up to a man and started playing with him and some of his friends. The otter started playing with the man’s leg and even nibbling on him.

He didn’t cause any damage and seemed to be having fun while playing in the water. THe man even gave the otter a few rubs on his back. After a few moments, the pair appeared to be friends. The otter only stayed for about a minute before he swam away as fast as he arrived. Animals are usually very intelligent, and they can sense when people aren’t in their habitat to cause harm.

“Attention from a wild animal is such a beautiful privilege. All those who claim wild animals are dangerous should know that most wild animals may attack only if they feel threatened by someone or are protecting their offspring. Exception is when humans are a potential meal to animals like hungry lions or bears for example. You need to know how to behave around wildlife and be aware of the energy and signals you give off. It’s humans that are the dangerous ones really. ?”

“I’ve seen a lot of river otters in Cadboro bay but never a sea otter, like this one. For those who think this is a river otter, look at the tail and the rear flippers, and the muzzle. The author is definitely correct, this is a sea otter. His behavior suggests extensive prior human exposure, and I’ll guess he spent time in a rehab facility like the ones in California. It’s nice to see one back on the east coast of Vancouver island, though we don’t have the extensive kelp beds that were present before expansion of the sea urchin population (from loss of sea otter predation).?”

“Very Cool! I use to see them a lot when I lived on the gulf coast of Florida and we stayed on Sanibel-Captiva Islands a lot. They are big just like this one here and very curious and advantageous too. They would come to the back bay riverfront home my brother rented and one time they ran up and grabbed the scraps and a fish from the dock lol, a big fish and my brother was pissed, but laughing too lol. We use to see them in groups of 2-4 most of the time and also lots of Manatees too <3 I got to see a decent size Otter 2 summers ago in this small lake/large pond up here in far Northern Cali and had no idea they were in lakes, atleast small ones that have just woods around and dry land. He came to the shore where I was standing and swimming back and forth as if to play around with me. Nature and Animal Souls are amazing <3 "