There is a new version of an old song, going viral on the internet. I am sure you have heard of the country song, sung by Garth Brooks. It was, “Friends in low places”. It is a great song, with a good tune, that most people have sung, and can relate too. Five brothers in Canada had fun, doing a remake, with their own words, to make light of a serious problem in their area.
In Canada, there was a serious drought this summer. The farmers were quite distressed. This family of five boys who are farmers in Canada, are also quite musical. They decided to make a parody, so that people could smile about their problems, instead of worrying about something, you have no control of. Then they made a video and posted it to “You Tube”. It quickly gained over 2 million views, with many well wishers commenting on it.

The song is great, but so is the video, and watching the brothers actions while singing. One is pulling his hair out of his nose, with pliers, while they other picks up the dry earth to show how dry it is. They posted to video to Facebook live first, and at the end, were watching all the live comments coming in immediately. The words to their song, had verses like We’ve got no grain in dry places, as the sun chases the rain away, which is is the same verse as, “I’ve got friends in low places, and they chase my blues away. Garth Brooks even loves their video. He shared a picture of himself watching it on the TV.

The brothers are in their own music group, called “The Hunters”. They actually put out an album, and are also on tour. They grew up in Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, Canada, on a 20,000 acre farm. They began singing at an early age, doing gospel at church, and always continued singing together. When they were younger, all five boys played hockey in the Winter, then farmed in Spring, and Summer. They were so good at hockey that some played professional, and the others played junior leagues. However all five eventually sustained injuries, and returned to the farm.

While the boys were all home together again, they started singing together, and making up songs about their journeys through life. Everyone encouraged them to perform professional, which they did, and eventually signing on with “Open Road Recordings” in 2016. They also continued posting live videos to facebook, and you tube. They have become quite famous in a few short years. The Hunter Brothers were also on the
CCMA Legends Show, on live television. Their hit single, “Born and Raised”, also hit the Canada, Top of the charts, at number 1. This is a musical group to keep your eye on, waiting for more hit singles, for this one of kind group, reminiscent of, “The Jackson Five”, and “The Osmond Brothers”. Meanwhile keep checking their facebook page and “You Tube” for more hits from the brothers.