In a dazzling affair, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry graced the red carpet for the premiere of “Bob Marley: One Love” in Jamaica this week, but what was meant to be a glamorous night out took an unexpected twist when the couple found themselves in the far-from-VIP seats.

The newly-released video captured the moment when Meghan, 42, and Harry, 39, were led to their seats, which were not exactly what they had in mind for a royal evening. Harry seemed momentarily bewildered by the seating arrangements, while Meghan had to gather her elegant black gown and gingerly squeeze into her spot.

Their seating misadventure quickly became the talk of the town. Social media erupted with witty comments, with one pundit quipping, “Life on the D-list,” after witnessing the couple’s surprise. Another user couldn’t help but ask, “OMG. Overdressed and sitting in cheap seats… Where was Jamaican PM sitting?” And a third cheekily remarked, “Dressed to the nines, but made to sit among the regular folks… Should have worn a button-down and jeans.”

But the seats weren’t the only topic of discussion; some viewers noted the condition of the floor in other videos, with one saying, “Never mind the seats. The floor looks very dirty in other videos… I would not look impressed by that either.”

Despite their less-than-premium seating experience, Meghan and Harry made the most of their night, hobnobbing with other celebrities on the red carpet. They struck a pose with politician Marlene Malahoo Forte and Brian Robbins, the President and CEO of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon.

One particularly intriguing moment was their interaction with Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness, known for his anti-monarchist stance. This rendezvous raised eyebrows, given the recent health challenges faced by King Charles and Princess Kate. Charles, 75, had undergone treatment for an enlarged prostate, while Kate, 42, had been hospitalized for abdominal surgery.

Holness, 51, has been a proponent of Jamaica’s separation from the United Kingdom, as the nation is one of England’s Commonwealth countries. Royal expert Phil Dampier couldn’t help but comment, stating, “It seems Harry and Meghan will turn up at the opening of an envelope these days.”

In the midst of this star-studded premiere, the seating snafu was a talking point, but it didn’t overshadow the glitz and glamour of the event. Meghan and Harry made a memorable entrance into the world of Bob Marley, proving once again that they are a couple unafraid to venture into new territory, even if it means leaving their usual royal comforts behind.