Teens are notorious for playing pranks on unsuspecting victims. A fifteen-year-old boy was shot when he ran up to a home in Long Island and rang the doorbell before being mowed down by the homeowner with a shotgun blast. The youngster simply picked the incorrect residence when he went to James Moshier’s house for a game of “ding dong ditch,” which was held during a sleepover on Long Island with friends.

According to law enforcement, the victim has not been identified by name. He was rushed to a hospital near the scene after being shot with a hunting rifle during a prank gone wrong, according to authorities. Fortunately, the youngster did not die as a result of Moshier’s shotgun blast. He is expected to fully recover following his shooting by a hunting gun while playing around.

On Thursday night, the incident took place. A group of seven teenagers, including the boy who was shot by the Long Island homeowner, departed their home and began to wander around the neighborhood in search of fun. Since they got bored, they selected a game of “ding dong ditch,” which is a joke in which youngsters ring a homeowner’s doorbell and try to flee before he or she opens the door.

A woman in the Long Island house panicked after believing that they were being robbed. She went into a panic and ordered Moshier to handle the problem before they got mugged or worse.

“We had several kids that were running around the neighborhood knocking on doors and running away, and one of the residents felt that somebody was trying to get into the house, felt threatened, felt frightened, and woke up the male occupant of the house, who went to the back door and discharged a shotgun,” said Southold Town Police Captain James Ginas.

The youngster banged on Moshier’s door three times. The homeowner blasted the kid through the glass door before he could run away as planned, injuring him with a barrage of shotgun pellets in his upper right arm.

After being hit by a grenade blast, the youngster rushed back to his buddies and announced that he had been wounded by a hand grenade explosion. He was not critically injured and only required assistance at an area hospital before being listed in good condition.

At last, the authorities airlifted the youngster to the hospital, where he was anticipated to fully recover from Moshier’s unprovoked assault.

Moshier has been charged with assault and recklessly injuring a kid with a deadly weapon by Nassau County authorities. The defendant was released from jail on bail of $20,000. He is anticipated to return to court in the near future. Although this kid was able to survive the shotgun blast, police are advising teenagers against pranking strangers.

“Sometimes what we think are harmless pranks turn into major incidents,” stated the Southold Police Capt. James Ginas.