Reporters and anchors have one responsibility: to report the facts. The majority of the time, those facts have nothing to do with their personal lives. When they’re talking about a problem, no matter how terrible, that has nothing to do with them, such as a shooting or an accident in another state, it makes their job much easier. However, when the news is about their family, the facts take on a different significance.

When a news anchor from India’s Chattisgarh province was on duty in front of the camera, she was requested to cover a traffic accident resulting in death. Supreet Kaur was the anchor, and she was doing her job.

As a veteran news anchor who has spent the last nine years at this station, she knew how to convey the news with an appropriate balance of compassion, concern, and objectivity. News presenters and reporters must maintain a certain level of detachment in order to avoid becoming emotionally overwhelmed by all of humanity’s terrible events. Murders, accidents, and natural disasters don’t appear to be stopping anytime soon – on the contrary, they’re getting more common and deadly every day. In recent years, there has been no indication that the news business is slowing down.

Kaur was sitting in front of the camera, reading from a teleprompter as the story was being told. She did her duty and read what appeared on the screen. On this day, she began reporting the specifics of a deadly automobile collision, which was terrible but just part of her job.

When she reads the lines, Kaur has no idea that this automobile accident will alter her life. Because she was unaware of who the victim of the collision was, she had no clue that her partner was the person who perished. Only when photographs were shown on screen did Kaur discover that she was writing about her husband’s violent demise. And seeing her dead husband for the first time must have been devastating.

Kaur is a professional, and she did not let the incident break her. She maintained a demeanor of calmness throughout the ordeal. Even when delivering information with such personal significance, she did not lose her composure in front of the camera.

Because she kept her professionalism, it appeared that she was unaffected by what was going on around her. They had no idea that she was talking about the individual who had just broken her heart. But when the cameras were shut off, she finally expressed how this tale hit home for her.

Everyone was shocked, and they wept for her.

“It could have been a difficult situation for anyone. But she controlled her anxiety, remained composed, and showed exemplary commitment to her job. We are proud of her,” a colleague of her TV station said.

She broke down after she left the studio following the announcement of the accident, according to reports.

We extend our sympathies to Kaur during this difficult time.