When going out to run errands many people like to stop for a bite to eat or stop for a refreshing drink. Robert Ketner was just the same however, his stop led to a deadly turn. Robert Ketner was a 69-year-old grandfather and great-grandfather. He had a love for riding motorcycles, visiting with his grandchildren, telling funny stories, and loved spending time with friends and family. He graduated in 1969 from Blairsville High School. He later worked as an underground electrician in coal mines in the western part of Pennsylvania. Robert Ketner has lived in Citrus Hieghts, California for over 42 years. He was a friend to some and a loved one to many. It was late August of 2021 when everything changed.

On a Sunday in August, Ketner was in Rocklin, California at a Starbucks. He was outside enjoying his latte when he observed young many playing musics very loudly from his vehicle. Multiple people near him were complaining about the loud music. This led him to take matters into his own hands. Ketner asked one of the people complaining about which vehicle it was coming from and had them point it out. He then set out to the vehicle to confront the young man about the loud music. Ketner approached the young man and proceeded to ask him to turn his music down. The young man didn’t like this request and showed his feelings by lashing out at Ketner and striking him violently. This lashing out made for one deadly turn. When police arrived on the scene it was clear a fight had occurred and Ketner had sustained multiple major injuries. When he was struck by the young man it was straight to his head which had put him on the ground unconscious. This assault led to Robert Kitner being in the hospital on life support.

River Baumann was arrested in the assault on Robert Ketner. While Ketner was in the hospital, Baumann was charged with battery resulting in serious bodily injury. He wasn’t behind bars very long when California police had to release him. Several days later, Ketner passed away from injuries from the assault. Baumann’s charges were then changed to voluntary manslaughter and he was arrested later that day. Rocklin police Corporal Zack Lewis stated, “Whatever the argument was, no one deserves to lose their life”. This can be agreed by many people to date. As arrangements were made and charges were followed through grievance had already begun. Many grieved the passing of Robert Ketner, even the Starbucks location where the assault took place had closed down in observance of his death. A man killed for simply asking someone to turn down their music has left heartache on many.