In a remarkable act of bravery, a courageous woman from Minnesota engaged in a fierce battle with a pit bull to shield her two grandchildren. Despite sustaining deep cuts and being drenched in blood, she displayed unwavering determination and even documented her harrowing journey with chilling selfies while en route to the hospital.

Rhonda Stickney, a 50-year-old hero from Motley, Minnesota, recounted her terrifying encounter with a pit bull to Kennedy News and Media. On that fateful day of April 23, she fearlessly positioned herself between her neighbor’s frenzied dog and her 27-year-old daughter Tiffani, as well as her precious grandchildren Jaxsyen, 4, and Keyahra, 2.

Without hesitation, Stickney leapt into action to shield her loved ones. The pit bull sank its teeth into her leg, violently dragging her to the ground. The intense fear coursing through her veins served as her sole companion during this traumatic episode, as she endured the relentless onslaught of the bloodthirsty animal.

During the heart-wrenching ordeal, the tenacious grandmother valiantly fought to protect her family. The pit bull viciously tore chunks of flesh from her body, relentlessly targeting her face and limbs. However, fueled by an adrenaline surge, Stickney courageously clung to her resilience, unable to register the pain she was enduring.

Following the brutal struggle, Stickney managed to wrest control of the dog’s jaw, effectively neutralizing its ability to inflict further harm. Finally, the dog’s owner arrived on the scene and promptly removed the frenzied animal from Stickney’s battered body.

Despite her grievous injuries, Stickney’s incredible determination and presence of mind led her to an astonishing course of action. With bloodied hands gripping the steering wheel, she embarked on a daunting drive to the hospital, capturing a series of unsettling selfies along the way—a testament to the strength she displayed amidst adversity.

At the hospital, medical professionals attended to Stickney’s wounds, performing extensive procedures to repair the damage inflicted by the pit bull. Her head received over 48 stitches, including eight within her mouth, while her arm required seven stitches. Additionally, she sustained puncture wounds and a thigh injury that necessitated frequent repacking.

The traumatic experience forever altered Stickney’s perception of dogs. Once unafraid, she now approaches them with caution, particularly pit bulls. The incident had a lasting impact on her grandchildren as well, causing sleep disturbances and a fear of playing outdoors in unfamiliar canine company.

Stickney promptly reported the vicious attack to the authorities, leading to measures being implemented to prevent a recurrence. As a result, the neighbor was required to microchip the dog and ensure it wears a muzzle when venturing outside.

In an effort to alleviate the financial burden incurred during her recovery, Stickney has set up a GoFundMe page to solicit support. The funds will aid in covering her extensive medical expenses, including trauma surgeries, numerous stitches, and ongoing wound care.

Rhonda Stickney’s unwavering bravery in the face of danger serves as an inspiration to us all. Her selfless act to protect her beloved grandchildren, coupled with the haunting documentation of her journey through blood-stained selfies, represents an indomitable spirit that refuses to yield. The harrowing experience may have left her apprehensive around dogs, but it has not diminished her resolve to safeguard her family and seek justice for the traumatic incident.