When one young woman thought she could mug an old lady, she learned quickly that age is nothing but a number and some people fight back. That includes the 81-year-old UK woman who recently fought off an attacker who attempted to steal her cash and ATM card. That woman still has not been caught but Doreen Jones potentially saved her life that day and certainly saved her bank account. Ms. Jones is not your average 81-year-old woman. She is feisty and has a lot of life inside her. When she visited an ATM to pick up money, she would learn just how spunky she really is after she fought back during an attempted mugging. Assuming elderly people are easy targets was a big mistake on this day in West Midlands, United Kingdom. Jones says she works hard for her money and would not stand by and allow someone to take it from her. When a woman tapped her on the shoulder as she retrieved money from the ATM, she sprung into action.

The woman pointed at her mouth after tapping Jones on the shoulder as if to say that she was hungry or wanted something to eat. She then lunged toward Jones, grabbing her ATM card from her hand. Jones grabbed her card from the woman’s hands and quickly overpowered her. in a tussle the attempted mugger never expected to occur Police believe the woman who attacked Jones is pregnant. Jones grabbed the woman by the hair and collar. She responded by screaming before she takes off running away from the ATM. Surveillance footage captured from the ATM shows Jones collapse after the woman races from the scene. An ambulance transported her to an area hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.

The woman who attacked Jones’ has not been caught. Police say since she appeared to be pregnant, she may have given birth by now. Jones, however, says she now suffers heart attacks and anxiety as a direct result of the incident. She says she is afraid to go out alone now. Police warn everyone to be cautious of their surroundings at all times, especially at ATM locations and when walking around with cash. Carrying an ATM card reduces the risk of being attacked. Many attackers target elderly individuals because they see them as vulnerable and weak. They tend to easily overpower elderly men and women, making their crimes easier, whether it is a robbery or something else. This story serves as a reminder that you should never judge a book by its cover. ms. Jones is one tough lady who worked hard for her money. She was not going to stand by while someone took that from her.