64-year-old actor Gary Sinise has had a successful acting career. He has performed in many acclaimed acting parts,but he is a man of many talents. One role that brought Sinise considerable fame was his portrayal of Lieutenant Dan in the film Forrest Gump. Since his time playing the character of Lt. Dan, Sinise has started a cover band named after his character in the movie. The Lt. Dan Band travels the world performing USO shows entertaining the troops and raising money for disabled veterans. As of early 2019, Garys Lt. Dan Band had performed over 400 shows. Garys lesser known side gigs includes not just the Lt. Dan Band but also his foundation. The Gary Sinise Foundation, which he created to help service members, veterans, and their families has helped veterans worldwide. Through Garys dedicated efforts, they have helped countless individuals. The foundation has helped adapt over 50 houses for severely wounded veterans. It has served over 195,000 meals to the defenders of freedom. The foundation provides emergency grants for those in need. They have helped over 3000 military children enjoy the holidays, and the foundation helps send World War II veterans to the museum built in their honor. Gary Sinise has created a reputation for being a guy who gives back more than most.

Tom Hanks starred beside Gary Sinise in the film Forrest Gump. The two have remained friends. Hanks worked to surprise Gary with a tribute to his service. Tom Hanks is also a well-known supporter of the veteran community. Hanks gathered several familiar faces to create a video tribute to Garys dedication and hard work. Hanks ambushed Gary with the video. Well-known members of Hollywood show up on the video, each with a message of support. With each face that shows up on the screen, it nearly brings Gary to tears. The stoic actor has an obvious soft spot for this side project.

The video features a star-studded cast. Each familiar face has a message of support. The montage starts with the funny man Jay Leno. Leno cracks a light hearted joke about the busy USO tour show of Garys band. Gary is hard to keep up with as he works to improve the lives of veterans. Comedian, Tom Allen appears to show his gratitude for Garys dedication. Acclaimed director Ron Howard appears to tell Gary thank you as the cast rolls by. Other faces include Steve Buscemi among others. Each individual has a message of thank you for Gary Sinises great efforts. One of the most touching thank you messages is from the retired General Colin Powell. The thank you messages left one of Hollywoods tough guys with tears welling up in his eyes.