To demonstrate how much you care for someone, a 10-carat diamond ring is not required. An expensive wedding band is also unnecessary in the context of love. While these pricey goods are appreciated by a large number of people, they are not essential when it comes to love. Love is an intangible feeling that exists between two individuals; therefore, wedding rings and weddings are simply external ways to commemorate the shared passion and what future possibilities it opens up.

While many people focus on the extravagance of weddings, one Los Angeles family went against the grain. They were able to have a beautiful wedding ceremony with just $500 when they refused to cut corners. How did they do it? The lovely pair explained how they were able to take their frugal attitude and apply it to an extremely inexpensive wedding that still made them glad to be married in a series of social media posts.

“Our goal was to just be as minimal as possible,” said the bride, Kiara Brokenbrough, to Good Morning America. “And to spend the least amount of money as possible.”

The typical American wedding costs around $30,000. This consists of the venue, a wedding cake, a catered meal for dozens if not hundreds of people, and a DJ or live band to get the crowd on the dance floor. Despite the fact that weddings were costly, Kiara intended to avoid going into debt in order to celebrate her husband’s love for her.

Kiara’s wedding was a little different. While some people plan their big day as if it will go on forever, Kiara took a more realistic approach. She wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on a party that would only last for a few hours.

“I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a dress because I had the mindset I’m gonna wear this one time for a few hours,” Kiara stated.

Kiara was able to shop for her wedding gown online and found one for $47. She tried it on when it arrived in the mail, and she was instantly in love with it. Given the low price, the quality wasn’t too bad.

“Was it my dream dress? No ma’am, but no regrets on this dress decision at all.”

Meanwhile, the groom spent more money on his suit. He paid $100 for what he would wear to the wedding.

Finally, she discovered the ideal spot. There was a breathtaking view of California’s rolling hills from the site. The only problem was that it was far off the road.

“You have a wedding, with witnesses there to witness you, vowing to your spouse, vowing to God that you guys are going to stay together for life,” stated Kiara. “And then you celebrate with food, drinks, and dance. And that’s exactly what we did.”

With everything from the food to the décor, she wanted to ensure that her wedding was not a pretentious affair. It was a modest occasion dedicated to love and unity between two committed individuals.

“The people we have there, they understood the assignment, they understood the things that we were trying to do, and they really supported us,” stated Kiara.

After the ceremony, guests moved to a lounge to order food and beverages.

“It felt so good to be around people who genuinely supported us and weren’t looking to be entertained. We wouldn’t have been able to pull this off if it wasn’t for the contributions of our families and close friends! It took a village, and our village showed up!” Kiara posted on Facebook.