Brittany Welsh, a resident of Missouri, was eight months pregnant when she received a surprise from her pet golden retriever that would change her life forever. In a viral TikTok video that has been viewed over 1.2 million times, Welsh captured the moment when her dog, Charlie, attempted to alert her to an issue with her pregnancy. Little did Welsh know, but her furry friend was aware that she was about to go into premature labor.

The video shows Charlie nudging Welsh’s pregnant belly and attempting to lift her feet onto his back. He tried everything in his power to warn her that something was wrong and that she needed to take immediate action to save her baby.

Fortunately, thanks to Charlie’s warning, Welsh was able to take prompt action and visit her doctor, who discovered that she was experiencing a urinary tract infection (UTI). The infection was causing her to go into premature labor with her baby, and with timely medical intervention, Welsh was able to prevent any further complications.

Charlie’s actions in the video have garnered attention and admiration from people across the globe, with many praising the dog for his keen sense of awareness and ability to detect something was wrong with Welsh’s pregnancy.

Pets are known for their extraordinary abilities to sense when something is not right, and Charlie is a prime example of this. In this case, his warning helped save both Welsh and her baby.

It’s important to always pay attention to our furry friends and their behavior. They may just be trying to communicate with us and warn us of potential dangers.

Charlie’s actions serve as a reminder of the strong bond between humans and their furry companions. Dogs are known for their incredible ability to sense when something is wrong, and in this case, Charlie’s intuition helped save both Welsh and her baby. The viral video has also helped raise awareness about the importance of paying attention to warning signs during pregnancy and seeking medical attention when needed.

Along with millions of views, the TikTok video of Charlie warning Welsh about her UTI has garnered over a thousand comments from people worldwide. Welsh added a caption to the clip that read, “I seriously don’t deserve him,” expressing her gratitude towards her furry friend.

Many women shared their own stories in the comments section of the video, sharing how their pets had also helped them through their pregnancies. It’s heartening to see how our furry friends can sense when something is wrong and alert us to it.

One user said, “Mine woke me up at 5am, nudging my stomach and whining. I stood up, and my water broke.”

Another person said, “My dog knew both times I was going into labor before I did. Dogs are amazing!”

It’s true that dogs have an incredible ability to detect health issues in their owners, beyond just pregnancy-related complications. These loyal animals can be trained to identify various conditions, such as seizures before they happen. This kind of early detection can be a lifesaver for people in need, and it’s amazing how dogs can use their keen sense of smell and intuition to provide this kind of support.

They said, “Her service dog would give her about a 5-10 minute warning of an episode… Animals know.”

One person attempted to relive the moment when Welsh visited the emergency room. “My dog told me to come in.”

Welsh replied, “Basically, that’s how it went!! He’s the goodest boy!!”