With the way people are eating these days – processed foods and less healthy diets – it’s no wonder food allergies have become more common. Peanut allergies are one of the most common severe allergies, and they can be fatal in some cases. Although pollen and cat allergies are quite common, peanut allergies are even more widespread, which has many people with the allergy feeling anxious when they go out to eat at restaurants.

Airplanes used to give out peanuts during flights. Some passengers have severe peanut allergies, so the airline decided to switch to pretzels and other nut-free snacks for safety reasons. Although, some airlines opt for peanuts as their complimentary snack of choice because they are high in protein and fill people up efficiently.

People with peanut allergies need to be vigilant when ordering at restaurants, as peanut oil is a commonly used ingredient for its versatility.

Five Guys is a restaurant that embraces peanuts. Not only does the restaurant use peanut oil when cooking their delicious French fries, but they also offer free peanuts to customers as well.

Most restaurants avoid using peanuts due to the possibility of upsetting a customer with a peanut allergy and losing their business. Five Guys, however, has taken a different path. The restaurant uses peanuts at its locations and wants to make people with peanut allergies aware of this by putting out peanuts for free. This way, someone with a peanut allergy is less likely to order from a fast-food joint.

According to one Five Guys employee who wrote on Reddit, the free peanuts not only help keep people with allergies from ordering at the restaurant but also serve as a distraction for customers waiting to order.

Five Guys uses peanut oil in their kitchens, and the free peanuts serve as a visual reminder of that. Given that there is a customer with a peanut allergy, the restaurant has placed the free peanuts where all customers can see them and grab them as they please.

Although some people with peanut allergies are initially hesitant to eat at Five Guys due to the complimentary peanuts, the restaurant is adamant about ensuring that all of its patrons are informed of its policies and ingredients. They want every customer to have a great experience while they’re dining and be safe from any possible allergic reactions. From what I can see, their strategy is effective.

Next time you buy a bag of peanuts from Five Guys, remember that they aren’t there for decoration. They exist to keep people with allergies safe. If you’re allergic to peanuts, it might be Five Guys fries aren’t the best choice since they use peanut oil for frying. Instead, consider another restaurant.

Having a peanut allergy can make dining out difficult, but Five Guys has a policy that gives peace of mind to those with allergies. Do you have a peanut allergy? How do you feel about Five Guys’ free peanut policy?