A startling revelation has emerged from the world of fitness influencers, as MianBaobao, a prominent Taiwanese figure, has finally come forward to admit that she fabricated her years-long battle with cancer.

Three years ago, MianBaobao, also known as Bread bao, captivated her audience by announcing her diagnosis of late-stage pancreatic cancer. She courageously shared videos of herself engaging in rigorous workouts, while documenting what she called her “cancer treatment sessions.” Accompanied by hashtags like #cancerfightingdaily, her posts garnered immense attention and support.

However, the truth behind MianBaobao’s story began to unravel in May when her alleged ex-husband took to social media to reveal conflicting details about her supposed fight against cancer. He shed light on her secretive behavior regarding treatments, casting doubt on the authenticity of her claims, as reported by the South China Morning Post.

“Every time she went for treatment she insisted that her family drop her off at the entrance to the hospital and insisted on seeing the doctor alone,” he said. “The total medical expenses for the whole family in 2021 amounted to just $275, and I never saw any attending doctor, diagnosis proof, or hospital receipts from her in the past two years.”

A shocking revelation has emerged from the realm of fitness influencers, as MianBaobao, a prominent figure from Taiwan, has recently admitted to concocting a fabricated tale to elevate her online persona. The outlet reported that MianBaobao constructed this deceitful story with the intention of bolstering her online profile.

Last week, MianBaobao finally broke her silence and extended her heartfelt apologies to her loyal following of over 11,000 Instagram followers. She expressed remorse for deceiving everyone with her false cancer diagnosis.

“To all the family, friends, fans, netizens who ever cared about me, supported me, cheered me, I want to apologize to everyone here,” MianBaobao said. “I did the last thing I should have done, I lied about having cancer and cheated everyone for three years.”

Recent revelations have shed light on the dire reality of pancreatic cancer, with a staggering five-year survival rate of just 5 to 10 percent, as stated by Johns Hopkins Medicine. This alarming statistic underscores the fact that most cases of pancreatic cancer are detected at advanced stages, where metastasis has already occurred.

Adding to the unfolding narrative, the alleged ex-husband made additional claims, asserting that MianBaobao exploited her cancer diagnosis as a means to facilitate her departure from their shared residence, eventually leading to the filing of divorce papers.

Concerns surrounding MianBaobao’s cancer battle were not limited to her ex-husband alone. Online sleuths diligently examined the x-rays she shared on social media, only to discover that the original images had been sourced from an entirely different online platform, as reported by the outlet.

Furthermore, it has come to light that the apology letter remains the sole surviving post on MianBaobao’s Instagram account, which has since been purged of all other content, according to SCMP.

Following the shocking revelations, MianBaobao took a step further and offered a sincere apology to “anyone who has ever shown me kindness,” which encompassed her family and the companies that had sponsored her. She recognized them as victims of her deceptive actions and even expressed her willingness to provide compensation to the companies with whom she had established deals.

“I’m fully responsible for a big vendor if it needs compensation, of course I know a lot of money can’t pay.”

In addition, she made the decision to part ways with the team she had been associated with, acknowledging her lack of qualification to be a part of an organization that had placed their trust in her.

“I’m sorry for the storm caused and I’m sorry for the waste of everyone,” the influencer said. “Made the most wrong demonstration, hurt the people who love men and the people I love. I’m really sorry about all this,” the post ended.

MianBaobao is not the sole social media personality to be exposed for fabricating a battle against cancer.

Earlier this year, an individual named Madison Russo, known as a TikToker, faced legal repercussions when she was arrested on first-degree theft charges. It was revealed that Russo had fraudulently obtained $37,000 from GoFundMe and TikTok by fabricating a false Stage 2 pancreatic cancer diagnosis.

Russo’s followers became suspicious when they noticed inconsistencies in her claims, particularly regarding a tumor supposedly the size of a football on her spine. Their sharp-eyed observations led them to realize that the medical equipment she showcased did not align with the reality of her alleged condition.

Similarly, another woman’s deceitful tale of battling cancer was exposed when astute readers drew parallels between her story and the plot of the book “The Fault in Our Stars.” The discrepancies highlighted by these vigilant individuals ultimately exposed the deception she had perpetrated.