A 25-year-old model recently talked about how she planned to go to Miami Swim Week this year and decided to completely change her exercise routine and diet in order to get the body that she wanted by the time that she got there.

The model, named Jade Tuncdoruk, decided to change her eating and exercising habits a bit a couple of weeks before she was going to walk for the Monday Swimwear label from Australia. At the time, shed been eating more junk food than she liked, and wanted to change things up due to being inspired by the upcoming event.

She also said shed been drinking too much as well when she talked to her fans about on platforms such as YouTube. She went on to say that she wasnt exercising enough and it was hurting her back, which is also why she decided to make a change.

She also said that the alcohol use was giving her troubles in terms of her emotional health as well, which is also an important aspect of health.

Jade said that she loved her body whatever way that it is, but she wanted to eat healthier in order to feel better and that this is mostly the reason why she did it. So, she cut back on a lot of the junk food, including eating fewer lollipops, burgers, chocolate and other similar foods that she thought of as unnecessary, even though they were some of her favorite foods. However, she didnt cut them out of her diet completely, she still let herself have some of it occasionally, including burgers, for example.

So, instead of eating them every time she ate anything, shed just have them once, which for her, was a big cutback. She also focused on exercising in an even manner. This didnt mean necessarily exhausting herself, just consistent- not necessarily vigorous- exercise.

She had an advantage in that her boyfriend was a professional personal trainer, and he helped her figure out how to exercise in a way that didnt hurt her back as much since that was becoming an issue That way, she could focus on being healthier while avoiding a quick fix mentality.

This is something that Jade has gone through more than once. For example, a few years ago, she lost some weight by doing something similar where she had a lot of chips, but then she switched to fruits and vegetables and cereals and toast for breakfast instead.

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So, some people would have the take away that anyone can shape their body the way they want it with even just minor changes, this is something that Jade appears to be trying to communicate. In the end, Jade did manage to get the results she wanted during those weeks, however. But, she also gave herself a vacation where she relaxed after the long effort that she put at the gym. So, she is certainly someone who believes in balance as well.