Students across the state of North Carolina were dismayed whenever they heard of the fate of their classmates. Most of us have been taught all growing up which is a sign of respect to use words such as miss teacher Sir or ma’am. However, there was a fifth-grade student who learned a different lesson just recently in the city of Tarboro North Carolina.

The teacher of this fifth-grade classroom had already told the students not to refer to her as ma’am. Apparently, there was a student in the class who did not fully appreciate this lesson, however. This student whose name is Tamarion accidentally referred to his teacher as ma’am before the end of the day. The teacher retaliated by forcing her student to write down a list of the word over and over again.

When the boy returned home carrying the aforementioned punishment with him his mother was shocked. The child told his mother that he was in trouble simply for calling his teacher ma’am. Unbeknownst to the teacher the student had just gotten out of the hospital for seizures just one month before and has still been suffering from hallucinations and memory loss since the tragic accident. This did not deter the teacher however because she was not aware of the circumstances prior to doling out the punishment.

When asked by reporters from ABC news the parents of the boy simply stated that they had always raised their children to behave with respect towards their elders. They believe that it was unfair for the teacher to punish their child for something such as this. However, the father did seem to express some feelings of respondents stating that he knew that his son was simply doing the best that he could to be the way that he had raised him to be. The boy’s mother, Teretha, decided that the best course of action would be to try and have her son transferred to another classroom to avoid such incidents in the future.

It appears that the principle of the school has agreed to acquiesce to the boy’s mother’s demands. According to the bylaws of the North Carolina school district, a matter such as this ultimately does lie in the hands of the K-7 principal. This coming from the northeast Carolina preparatory school which has students from kindergarten all the way through to grade 12 and a total student body of nearly 1000 students. With such a large student body there is a growing number of parents who are concerned that their children made also become the victims to a stunning example of a piece of power such as this one in the near future. The authorities in the school district have stated that they are doing their best in order to make sure that such an event does not transpire.

It may be impossible to prevent our children from going through life on the hassled problems of modern society however we can do our best. One of the most important things in doing that is to make sure that you stay informed and keep up-to-date with the latest news on what is going on in your community. Remember that as a. It is important to stay involved and be aware of possible issues.