Several years ago, a strong thunderstorm passed through Weld County in Colorado and caused lightning to strike a huge hayfield. The lightning strike caused the field to erupt in flames, and it quickly spread, burning 30 out of the 80 total acres the field consumed. Thankfully, farmer Eric Howard, who owned the land, was quick to come up with a plan to save it.

His quick action successfully stopped the fire from spreading and saved all of the crops he had worked so long to grow. In order to stop the flames, Howard used his tractor and discs to plough up the fire break.

He was so close to the flames in the process, he put his own life in jeopardy. But although it may have been a huge risk, his bravery paid off, and he managed to save 50 acres of crop. Members of the community have publicly recognized how lucky Howard was.

If the winds had suddenly changed, everything could have happened differently. A video of Howard saving his field was posted on YouTube in 2013. Since then, it has been viewed over five million times. Through this footage, everyone can see that farmers are truly heroes in their own special way