After years in the limelight as a glamor model, 43-year-old Katie Price has been relatively quiet for some time. However, she reentered the discussion when she unveiled the results of her most recent surgery. She had face and body liposuction as well as some cosmetic work done on her face after flying to Turkey to benefit from their lower costs.

When she posted a photo to social media, she revealed a sneak peek of her new appearance. Some people were shocked by her face in the picture since it appeared very different from when she was an international glamour model. Price went under the knife in Turkey, undergoing eye and lip lifts as well as some liposuction beneath her chin. She also had a Brazilian butt lift, during which fat is transferred from another region of her body to make her behind plumper.

“Omg, I’m soo happy with my face surgery,” she wrote online. “I’m still swollen, but it’s been two weeks since surgery.”

Price’s supporters praised her new appearance and complimented her on it, while others criticized her for getting “addicted” to plastic surgery because it is a fast method to alter the body’s appearance without having to put in the effort of diet and exercise.

Katie Price assured her followers that she is not addicted to plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures. She compared it to another thing in order to educate her fans on how she thinks about getting this sort of procedure done on her body.

“It’s like a car – you have an MOT. If you get a scratch or a dent, you fix it, and that’s how I feel with my body. I’m not trying to look younger, and I definitely don’t want that alien look – when people go over the top and look like freaks. Having surgery isn’t fun and games. It is painful, and it’s irreversible… Everyone’s got imperfections, I could go over the top, but I don’t want to look like a freak.”

She stated: “I’m not addicted, but if people want to say I’ve got body dysmorphia, just say it, even my mum says it, ‘You need to see somebody, you’re not normal in the head, are you?’ I said, ‘Mum, if you could have your face done again, you would, but you can’t because you’re terminally ill at the moment, you used to have Botox, this and that.”

Last year, Price experienced a terrible accident that resulted in her having two broken feet. She wanted to recover from the setback and “transform” her life into something special because it had only left her feeling “frustrated.”

She added: “I broke my feet last year, and before that, I used to go running to keep fit and ride the horses. I can never run again, so it changed my life. I was in a wheelchair for eight months. I had to learn to walk again. From being in a wheelchair, I’ve put on loads of weight, and I’m not used to that unless I’m pregnant. So I was getting frustrated. It wasn’t me. I hated it. My clothes didn’t fit.”