Starring in the latest movie, Flag Day, actor Sean Penn has made a strong stance on who should be able to view his movie and who should not. The not being people who have not been vaccinated as opposed to those who have. Penn believes that those who have gotten the COVID-19 shot should be allowed to see his movie on the premiere date and those who have yet to be vaccinated should wait until it becomes available to stream.

His appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers allowed him to express his opinion on the matter and he too believed it would get negative feedback due to not everyone believing in the vaccine itself. Penn believes strongly that those allowed to watch movies at a movie theater should be vaccinated to prevent exposure and ensure safety amongst each other.

During a CNN interview, Penn stated that by declining the vaccination people are comparable to, “pointing a gun in somebody’s face.” Penn strongly believes the COVID-19 vaccination needs to become mandatory in order to protect people from becoming seriously ill and possible death. Penn has stated,” as much as I want people all to go to the theater, I really only want people who are vaccinated and safe to themselves and each other to go.” Penn has even taken extreme measures to go above and beyond to place one of his movies on hold due to wanting 100 percent of the crew to be vaccinated before completing the film. He believes he should not have to be around people just to complete a movie if they have not used the necessary precaution of getting the shot to prevent any outbreak onset.