In a hilarious and no-holds-barred episode of the long-running adult animated comedy “Family Guy,” the show’s creators didn’t shy away from poking fun at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lucrative but somewhat perplexing ventures. Airing on a recent Sunday evening, this episode proves that not even royalty is immune to the biting satire that has made “Family Guy” a household name for over two decades.

In its 23rd season, “Family Guy” introduces cartoon versions of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who make a surprise appearance poolside. The catalyst for this royal ribbing? None other than the lovable yet utterly clueless protagonist, Peter Griffin, who, while nursing a drink at a bar with his friends, humorously likens himself to the high-profile couple.

Worried about recouping some unpaid debts, Griffin decides that his best course of action is to follow in the footsteps of the royals themselves. He boldly exclaims, “I’ll go it alone, just like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.”

The scene then shifts to Harry and Meghan, who are approached by a butler bearing a stack of envelopes. With deadpan humor, he informs Harry, “Sir, your millions from Netflix for no one knows what.” Prince Harry nonchalantly waves it off with an air of indifference, saying, “Put it with the rest of them.”

Meghan, on the other hand, is preoccupied with her phone, which urgently reminds her of a daily $250,000 sponsored Instagram post for Del Taco. The abrupt shift from royal duties to Instagram sponsorship leaves the audience in stitches.

The comedic jabs from “Family Guy” are a direct reference to the couple’s infamous and somewhat underwhelming $20 million Spotify deal. This isn’t the first time the Sussexes have been roasted by an animated series, as just months earlier, Comedy Central’s “South Park” took a swing at the exiled royals in an episode titled “The Worldwide Privacy Tour.”

Behind the laughter lies a hint of truth, as a source close to the situation revealed that Archewell Media, founded by Prince Harry and Meghan, failed to produce enough content to receive the full payout from their multi-million dollar Spotify deal signed back in 2020. This revelation makes “Family Guy’s” jests all the more poignant.

The episode’s humor resonates with many, reflecting a growing sentiment that some high-profile figures may be benefiting from their celebrity status more than their actual contributions. It’s a clever commentary on the modern era of influencers and the blurred lines between fame and substance.

In a quirky twist, the comical portrayal of Prince Harry expresses a touch of remorse over his decision to leave behind the trappings of his privileged life in Britain. He muses, “I shouldn’t have left the made-up nonsense.” This self-deprecating humor adds depth to the satire, highlighting the challenges the couple has faced in balancing their newfound independence with their royal past.

While “Family Guy” is known for its irreverent humor, this episode underscores a larger societal conversation about celebrity endorsements, sponsorship deals, and the scrutiny that accompanies such high-profile arrangements. It serves as a reminder that, even in the world of royalty, no one is beyond the reach of satire.

In an era where the intersection of fame and fortune has become increasingly convoluted, “Family Guy” brilliantly holds a mirror to the extravagant deals and partnerships that occasionally leave us all scratching our heads. With its signature wit and audacity, the show once again proves that it can tackle even the most unexpected subjects, turning them into comedic gold.

So, as “Family Guy” continues to keep its finger on the pulse of pop culture, we can’t help but wonder who might be the next target of their uproarious satire. Until then, we can relish in the laughter brought about by their latest comedic masterpiece, as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle join the illustrious ranks of those playfully teased by the Griffin family.