Blue denim is an important component of any wardrobe. Jeans, on the other hand, do not just end with blue. They come in a variety of colors, including black and white, and they’re also necessary elements of today’s wardrobe. Experts have provided evidence indicating how to properly clean jeans – and it may require fewer washes than you think in the laundry.

Jeans are now a staple in most modern wardrobes, with people wearing them for all sorts of activities, from days spent gardening to tackling housework. But if they’re being worn so frequently, how often should you wash them? Should we wash our jeans once a week, or do it once a month? Is it possible for a pair of jeans to go a year without being washed? Now that period of time may be excessive, but experts recommend not washing your denim after every wear – they can last quite long between washes.

Some professionals claim that you can go a whole year without washing your jeans. While this may not work for everyone, the design experts agree that the longer you wear a pair of jeans after purchasing them, the more they will conform to your body shape and fit you just right.

Some people recommend washing jeans after every dozen uses or so. However, there is a “smell test” that can tell you if your jeans should be washed sooner than ten or twelve uses. Do they have an unpleasant odor? If so, they should be cleaned. Are they stained or covered with debris? They should therefore be washed. But if the jeans are clean and lack an offensive odor, they may retain their beauty in your wardrobe without being washed for some time.

Some people prefer to wear jeans until they are thin, frayed, and have holes in them. Jeans that are frayed or have punctures are now fashionable. Washing the jeans a lot may help them wear down and make them more likely to develop a hole. As a result, wearing holes in your own pair of jeans might be cheating.

How often should you wash your jeans? You might not have to wash them as frequently as you think. If they don’t smell and there are no stains, then they can last a while between washes according to experts. The “smell test” is always a good indicator of whether it’s time for a wash or not. Additionally, remember that the longer you wear them, the better shape they’ll be in!

Next time you consider putting your jeans in the wash after just one wear, think again. They may not need it after all. Your jeans will thank you for your patience!