Everyone enjoys some tips on grilling on their own backyard grills for great restaurant taste right at home. There are some easy to do and inexpensive hacks any home grill master can learn regardless of how experienced a cook you are.

The most impressive one is to put an ice cube atop a hamburger pattie to maintain juiciness.

You can put a pat of butter on top of the burger for a juicy burger as well, but an ice cube is a healthier, and cheaper, alternative. As the cube melts, it keeps the burger moist and tender and never dried out.

Clean your grill with a balled up piece of aluminum foil while it’s still warm to get rid of bits of meat. The foil will clean as good as a grill brush but for less money and with no bits of wire left on the grate.

For a deeper clean, slice a fresh onion and clean grill with cut side down. The acids in the onion will clean the grates without harsh chemicals. Love grilling fish at home, but hate the flaky mess? Place slices of lemon on the grill in rows and lay the fish fillet atop them.

The lemon will keep your fish off the grill allowing it to cook more evenly and not stick to the grates for easy cleanups and better looking fish. Scoop off with the slices beneath the fish when done and the fish will have a delicious lemon flavor as well.