At the Nehru Zoological Park in Hyderabad, India, a drunk man named Mukesh wandered aimlessly. Then upon checking out the Zoo’s beautifully kept lion enclosure, Mukesh gave birth to an idea that only an inebriated fool could come up with, “I want to shake hands with the lions”. With a sober thought, any person could deduce that lions not only don’t have hands, but they’re also extremely dangerous, and predatory animals. However foolish it was, Mukesh was determined to accomplish this new mission of his.

Despite all of the security, Mukesh managed to hop over the fencing and jump down into the murky moat surrounding the enclosure. After a few moments of swimming, he could stand with only his knees being submerged in water. Quickly, a muscular lioness approached Mukesh. As the drunk man raised his hand and walked toward the animal, she clearly was trying to deduce whether or not this man was a threat. However, as he got closer, it seemed as though she was about to pounce. The only thing that distracted her from the silly man in front of her was the male head of this Lion Pride. He came walking over with intensity, not removing his sights from Mukesh.

From beyond the fencing, people screamed for Mukesh to swim away and to leave the enclosure. Despite their warnings, he hadn’t stepped away. Right as the end seemed in sight for this man, the attendant R. Papaiah lured the lions away from the inebriated man, giving Mukesh enough time to escape the enclosure. Now as Mukesh is dealt with by the Bahadurpura Police, it should be said that it is a miracle that everyone including the lions came out of this situation unharmed.