If you are an aspiring swimsuit model, there is no greater comparison than to that of the glam models that worked in the hit show, Baywatch. The show brought viewers from around the globe and steadily put a few names and faces on the map for continued productions after shooting. One of the biggest stars to come from the show was Pamela Anderson. Drawing comparison to this namesake is high praise in the world of bikini and swimsuit modeling.

Anna Katharina was gifted the proclamation that allowed her the opportunity to engage in a photoshoot that would depict her as Anderson during her days of fame. Donning the red, one-piece swimsuit in lifeguard gear was a big hit for Katharina during her early years of her career. This shoot and others would help propel her to new levels of fame and notoriety.

Anna Katharina was born in the states and attended school in both Oregon and California. Her approach to schooling was mainly centered around the arts, applying her degree search to this field of interest. After earning a degree from the Art Institute of California, Katharina took off on a personal journey to find her footing within the world of modeling. Her incredible physique and her application to many different facets of makeup made for a prime subject for work within multiple organizations. Print publications is the region where she excelled the most. Magazines were beckoning her for work and would gift her the rights to many different cover shoots and prime story publications. The Pamela Anderson shoot would create a leap to her levels of fame.

Her Instagram page is where most of her termed followers can be found. She has amassed over 1.1 million users to follow her page over a few years of production, a high association rating with a quick come-up in the world of modeling. Some of her best work trails to the idea of bikini and swimsuit modeling. She has also done some work with a few different sporting companies, keeping her personal branding mechanisms alive and flourishing. She is a very private individual, although she did share a few photos alongside her mother with her fans. The captions to these photos point to the level of involvement and impact that her mother has had on her life.

Other motivational draws come from her life-long fans that contribute to her success. She can often be quoted by sharing her love for her fans and creating mentions for them throughout all of her work involvements. Staying active on social media means she is willing and ready to share with her fans and spread her awareness to multiple areas of impact. Her story is one of drive and continued foot-in-the-door mentalities. She continues to grow her personal branding rights and will remain faithful to her growing fan base. Her future involvements will remain in-line with the ideals and perspectives that have gained her the notoriety she now plays owner to. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Anna Katharina.