There is a dog hiding in plain sight in the photograph. A dog owner who likes to take pictures of their dog recently shared a very intriguing photograph. It is as if there is no dog in the photograph. The dog is almost seemingly absent from the photograph. It perfectly blends in with the surroundings. It would seem that it is just a picture of an ordinary kitchen with no one or no animal in it at the time. If one looks very carefully, the dog can be spotted. Many people might struggle to find it. Maybe there is someone with a great eye for detail that can spot it right away. It would be very impressive if a person could do that, but most people probably do not see the dog right away and have a hard time finding it.

The owner of the dog knows perfectly well where the dog is hiding in the photograph. To many people on the internet looking at the picture, however, it is almost impossible to spot at first glance. It is such a strange and unique photograph. Even though it is an interesting picture, it is actually just a picture of an ordinary day for the dog and the owner. It just looks like an ordinary kitchen with tiles, a refrigerator, a dishwasher, some cabinets, mats, and a silver trash can. Where could the dog possibly be hiding? There is almost nowhere for the dog to be hiding to begin with. It is such a deceiving photo that plays tricks on the person’s eyes who is looking at it trying to find the dog. The more a person looks at it, the more they might think that there is no dog at all. The kitchen appears to be very clean and has a wide-open space, so where could the dog possibly be?

The reason the dog is so hard to spot is because of the way it blends in. It is almost like the dog is secretly camouflaged. The surroundings and the things in the kitchen are very simple, however. How could a dog be so well camouflaged in such a simple setting? To make things even more interesting, the dog is not even trying to blend in on purpose. Some hints are that it is not laying on the brown tiles of the kitchen floor. Another is that the dog does not have brown fur either. Even with these hints, it is difficult to figure out where the dog is hiding. There are only a few places it could be in the kitchen, to begin with. Another important hint to consider is to try to find the dog’s reflection somewhere in the photograph. If one looks carefully, it is easy to see that there is no reflection in the oven or refrigerator. That only leaves one more place, the dishwasher. If one looks carefully at the white dishwasher, a black reflection can be seen in it. The reason the reflection is black is that the dog is a black Labrador retriever. The black Labrador retriever blends in seamlessly with the black mat on the kitchen floor. It is perfectly camouflaged by just laying asleep on the black mat. The dog is taking a nap by the warm dishwasher.