When a patient tells a doctor that something is wrong, there are times when the doctor might think that the patient is making up the symptoms in order to get a test done or medication.

A patient entered a doctor’s office and informed the staff that she knew that she was being tracked. She had a good reason for believing that she was being tracked as she had been involved with sex trafficking just a short time ago.


The doctor would not reveal his name when taking part in interviews, but after completing a few tests and an x-ray, he saw that the girl wasn’t crazy. She knew that she had some kind of transmitter or GPS device in her body.

When the x-rays were looked at, doctors were stunned.


You can clearly see on the images that there is a small device on the right side of her body. It’s about the size of a grain of rice.

People in the emergency room couldn’t say anything for a few minutes while they were trying to think of what to do to remove the tracker.

The young girl was being pimped out by her boyfriend, and he wanted to know where she was at all times.

The doctor was finally able to remove the small capsule so that the girl would be safe.