Jaclyn Smith, 76, has weathered a lot of stress in her life and career. She was a household name in the 1970s when she was at the top of Hollywood. He endured and survived three divorces throughout his marriage. She fought and beat breast cancer. How does Jaclyn Smith, who appeared to be so young even after decades since the 1975 release of Charlie’s Angels, still seem so youthful?

Smith, on the other hand, has not used any typical plastic surgery procedures. Smith isn’t like many other celebrities who are in their golden years and have already gone to a plastic surgeon’s office for the results they desire. Instead, she has been utilizing an unusual technique of recycling her own fat to keep looking young.

“I don’t believe in fillers, and I haven’t done any cutting. If I put anything in my face, I use my own fat, which is hard to do,” says Jaclyn about her basic treatments.

Smith has worked as a business owner since her years in Hollywood. She runs a multi-million-dollar cosmetics and apparel brand from her hilltop home in Los Angeles, which she manages.

Smith wasn’t interested in Botox.

“I’m afraid of it,” she stated. “My husband says if you do Botox over and over, it totally collapses the muscle. You can overdo it in this town like nobody’s business. And when you get done, it’s not a good look.”

Twenty years ago, when the doctor discovered a lump in her breast, Smith’s life was upended. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and subjected to a harsh therapy that included radiation. The treatment proved effective, and she went into remission less than a year later. However, the experience of cancer altered her perspective on existence.

“It’s part of my history, and it changes you: [I realize] you need to seize the day,” she said. “And we need to be more grateful. Maybe we all complain a little too much.”

While she was in Hollywood, Joanna Smith ran through numerous men. By the time Charlie’s Angels aired its final episode in 1981, Joanna had divorced two husbands.

“I don’t even count those first two as marriages,” she stated.

She is now married to her fourth husband, Brad Allen, a 67-year-old cardiac surgeon. She first met Allen when he was performing surgery on her father in 1979. They got hitched in 1997 and have been happy ever since.

Jacklyn Smith never touched drugs, which aided her in keeping her appearance so youthful-looking.

“Some of it went against my upbringing. I had never heard a four-letter word growing up. I had never seen a drug,” she stated. “I never walked with that crowd. I took a detour. I’ve still never touched drugs.”

She uses a variety of treatments to remove fat from one place on her body and then inject it into her face to make it look fuller.