When a CNN reporter stated that President Joe Biden “seemed confused” during an appearance on live television, he was only telling it like it is. The person from CNN was talking about Biden’s interview with ABC’s David Muir, which lasted 20 minutes and included defenses of the Biden administration’s response to the epidemic and the rising danger of the Omicron variant of coronavirus — however, Biden did acknowledge that some errors had been made.

Muir stood his ground and asked a contentious question to Biden about the long lines for COVID-19 testing that millions of Americans endure on a daily basis. Residents of New York City frequently endure lines as long as five hours to acquire a free COVID-19 examination, which is why President Biden has ordered over 500 million at-home tests for United States citizens and their families.

Biden, on the other hand, made a mistake during his interview when he referred to COVID-19 tests as “pills.” He may have thought that the medical tests were the Pfizer antiviral medicines just recently approved by the FDA to help cure COVID-19 infections, which continue to afflict Americans across the country – regardless of their political persuasion.

However, as Jeff Zeleny of CNN pointed out, Biden had several mistakes on national television.

“Repeatedly throughout this interview – President Biden seems confused and was confusing the half a billion tests that they’ve ordered with a half a billion pills,” stated Zeleny, CNN’s chief national affairs correspondent. “Of course, pills were in the news today with the Pfizer approval of the antiviral, so he corrected himself, but that was one thing that stuck out to me.”

During Zeleny’s interview on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN program that same day, he charged Biden with “really not accepting any responsibility” for the limited access to COVID-19 testing that many Americans are having.

Muir asked if the administration could have anticipated the Omicron variation. Biden replied, “Nobody saw it coming.” He said that the administration was doing everything it could.

Zeleny from CNN feels that Biden isn’t doing enough.

“Simply, this administration, and the president leading the charge here, really not accepting any responsibility at all for this lack of testing,” Zeleny stated. “We’ve seen these images across the country, long lines, just the inability to get tests. And yes, Omicron came on very quickly here, but it has been almost a month since Thanksgiving where they knew this was coming. So he said he wishes he could have acted faster and then explains why he didn’t.”

The question, however, remains how Biden will be able to keep his promises.

“But the question also is The at-home tests for January – there is no sense from the administration that they will be sent out in early January, as the president suggested in this interview,” Zeleny said.