Jordan Costa, a native of San Diego, California, was winning large sums of money during a Halloween-themed episode of the popular TV game show Wheel of Fortune. His skills with puzzles were put to the test when he encountered a puzzle in the “Movie Quote” category. Jordan believed the movie might be horror because it was premiering around Halloween, so he tried to consider that while solving the puzzle.

Jordan was pushed into a difficult situation if he wanted the chance to win the prize money and solve the puzzle. By reading the solution to the puzzle out loud, Sajak and the other contestants on Wheel of Fortune were putting Jordan at a disadvantage. However, Jordan might not have been able to solve the puzzle if it wasn’t for Darilyn Harrell. Darilyn helped by guessing letters correctly on the puzzle.

Upon seeing that only the letters “Y” and “M” were missing from the board, Jordan knew that he needed to do in order to increase his earnings and win the puzzle was clear. If successful, this would raise his total earnings up to $25,800. The dangerous puzzle solution not only provoked the contestant, but also Sajak and the studio audience.

Jordan read the word “Candyman” four times to solve the puzzle. The show didn’t make him say it a fifth time because, as fans of the movie know, saying the Candyman’s name five times in a row summons the bad guy.

“That, by the way, for those of you that don’t know is from a film called Candyman,” Pat said. “And I said it a fifth time which means he appears. Isn’t that the way it works?”

“Absolutely. We should be terrified,” Jordan stated.

“Maybe he’s under the wheel,” Pat said.

After Wheel of Fortune aired a shocking puzzle, people quickly took to social media to express their fear.

“Wheel of Fortune is playing a dangerous game tonight,” one person stated.

“Like they had him say Candyman x4. Wheel of Fortune y’all wild!!!” another said.

“Wheel of Fortune just had ‘Candyman Candyman Candyman’ as their phrase, and that is pure evil,” said another person.

“Why are we summoning #candyman by making contestants say his name repeatedly? I was waiting for him to bust out of the letters and get Vanna Wheel of Fortune,” another fan added.

The Candyman franchise began with the release of the horror film in 1992. The movie was based on a short story written by Clive Barker in 1985 that was entitled The Forbidden. Three titles have been released since then, including the most recent one which debuted during the 2021 summer months.

Wheel of Fortune put the movie to the test by making Jordan repeat Candyman so many times. In the movie, when someone says Candyman five times in front of a mirror, he appears and kills them.