Workers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Georgia have been accused of inserting bacon into the sandwiches requested by a calm Muslim family. A stunning anti-Islamic incident occurred at a Decatur McDonald’s near Atlanta. The Council of American-Islamic Relations has subsequently filed an official complaint against the fast food chain for placing pork products in the family’s meals simply to cause controversy and force them to eat things that are forbidden in their religion.

The Muslim family living in New York had heard wonderful things about Decatur and were excited to visit. Once they arrived and grew hungry, they decided to go to a local McDonald’s for food. They placed a large order that included 14 sandwiches with the request that none of them contain bacon or pork due to their religious beliefs.

However, the family soon discovered that their McDonald’s sandwiches contained bacon. Their religion strictly forbids them and all other Muslims from consuming pork products such as bacon.

McDonald’s in New York didn’t offer bacon on some of their menu items, so when members of the Muslim-American family from New York went to visit relatives in Georgia and saw that bacon was now being offered, they were shocked. They realized that the workers had been intentionally putting bacon on sandwiches ordered by Muslims, as a way to tempt them to break their religious practice.

“They started noticing it tasted different to them,” stated Khaula Hadeed, head of the Alabama chapter of the CAIR. “They eat McChicken all the time at McDonald’s. They knew what they ordered — they know what’s in the sandwich.”

Hadeed believed the attack on the Muslim family was a hate crime carried out by McDonald’s employees in Decatur.

“It doesn’t sound like a mistake, especially on 14 sandwiches,” Hadeed said, reporting the issue “an intentional act of religious and ethnic bigotry.”

Hadeed is now demanding that law enforcement officials investigate what occurred that day. According to Hadeed, one of the adults was so disgusted by the bacon that they both barfed twice after consuming their tainted McDonald’s sandwich from in Georgia.

“They’re essentially disturbed about it,” she said. “McDonald’s should investigate this incident, identify and terminate the employees responsible, and take proactive steps to satisfy this American family’s concerns, starting with an apology.”

The family received the majority of support on social media.

“I’ve certainly seen ‘good Christians’ doing some nasty things to those who are different,” said one person. “I don’t know what happened here, but I can believe that someone putting together the sandwiches in a way that they knew would be offensive … I tend to believe the Muslim family and think that some nasty fool stuck bacon into their sandwiches as a way to humiliate and inflict suffering on someone who is ‘other.’ That’s UnAmerican, in my books.”