Lately, social media has been buzzing with the news of a 14-year-old girl who was denied service at her local nail salon simply due to her looks. The young woman had gone with friends for a day of relaxation and pampering; however, when she stepped up to the desk requesting a manicure, she received an appalling answer instead.

The salon owner astounded the young girl when they curtly said that services were not available to “people like her.” The sudden remark inflicted intense hurt and shame on the unsuspecting teen. In response, she immediately rushed out of there while phoning her mother in disbelief as soon as possible. Her mom shared an equal amount of shock and indignance at this outrageous act.

The little girl’s mother publicly shared her daughter’s story to create awareness on the situation, conveying deep disappointment and anger about how her child was discriminated against due to their appearance. The post spread like wildfire across social media platforms with people from all corners of the globe standing in solidarity with the young girl while expressing strong disapproval towards what happened at this hair salon.

This incident has sparked an uproar regarding discrimination, emphasizing the need for businesses to be more inviting and open-minded towards all customers regardless of their age, race or physical appearance. Consequently, many people have called for a boycott of the salon as well as stricter legislation to be imposed in light of these abhorrent acts.

Discrimination in businesses is an issue that must not be shrugged off. Everyone should feel welcomed and respected when patronizing a business, so it’s up to the wider community to ensure companies uphold such standards of acceptance. Companies need to realize that creating inclusive environments for all customers helps them thrive, and we must do our best as citizens to hold those who don’t accountable for their actions.

We must not be apathetic to the injustice that occurred when this young woman was denied service at the nail salon. Discrimination is still firmly rooted in our society, forcing us to recognize and confront it if we hope for a more equitable world. It’s time to come together and fight against this discrimination head-on with determination and courage so that everyone can feel accepted, no matter their background or identity.