A young couple had taken on a lot of debt while enjoying their lives by buying a home, using credit cards, etc. Despite their apparent prosperity, they had failed to realize that they would eventually have to pay back all of their loans and student debts. The couple – Channing, aged 29, and her husband – were struggling with a debt amount of more than $760,000, which included mortgages, credit cards, student loans, and more. They were seeking assistance in paying off their bills as they could not handle it on their own.

Washington, DC is known to be a very expensive city in the United States of America and it is where Channing and her husband reside. In 2018, a young couple sought the advice of financial expert David Ramsey during a radio talk show. With his guidance, the couple was able to significantly reduce their debt and bring it to a more manageable level.

Recently, a TikTok user reposted a clip where Channing revealed to Ramsey that she got married a few months ago and had accumulated “just under a million dollars in debt” with her husband.

“We want to know how to get debt-free without filing for bankruptcy,” she stated.

The TikTok video, which provides tips on reducing debt, has gained over eleven million views as many Americans face financial struggles in present-day America.

As per the report on Yahoo News, Channing revealed that she and her husband, aged 32, had a total debt of around $760,000. This includes approximately $335,000 in student loans, $210,000 on mortgage, $136,000 on credit cards (majorly accumulated by her husband), $44,000 in personal loans, and $35,000 in car loans.

Channing and her husband have stable government jobs that pay a combined salary of approximately $230,000 annually. This is considered a substantial income for a young couple.

“You’re scared, and you should be. You’re disgusted, and you should be. You’re in the early stages of being sick and tired, and you should be,” Ramsey stated. “I’m getting ready to destroy your life as you know it because your lifestyle is considerably above your extremely good income. You’ve gotten used to spending like you’re in Congress. This is going to be very emotional for y’all.”

“You’re not going to see the inside of a restaurant unless it’s your extra job,” Ramsey said. “This is how humbling this is going to be.”