Live the island life without a care in the world! This serene one-bedroom home, nestled on its own deserted isle off the coast of Maine, can be yours for just $339K.

Situated in Addison at 0 Wohoa Bay, this locale is the perfect place for a solitary weekend retreat — ideal for those seeking to get away from it all.

Nestled in the ocean’s depths, Duck Ledges Island lies waiting for someone to answer its call. As far as one can spot with their eye, there is no other sign of civilization. Completely untouched by humanity at 1.5 acres of land and “offered in its entirety,” this island could be your very own oasis away from it all!

“The ledges surrounding the island are loaded with seals for constant entertainment,” the listing read. “As it has no trees, it offers views of nature that you can’t find anywhere else.”

Nestled in solitude, the “world’s loneliest home” was erected nearly a decade ago and offers sweeping views of the sea. If one desires close neighbors, then one would be delighted to find seals lounging nearby!

Despite being a mere 540 square feet, this home bravely stands without an attached bathroom – but don’t worry! There is a detached port-a-potty available on the island in case of any nocturnal urges.

“Good anchorage and good landing points at any tide. Mooring included adjacent to the island and just a short boat ride from Jonesport public marina or Addison facility,” the listing read.

Although the island has been listed for sale since last June, it’s proving difficult to find an interested buyer. In fact, this exquisite piece of real estate has stayed on the market for a total of 295 days and counting!

Bold Coast Properties is the exclusive holder of this listing.